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1 The Free Speech War by King of Terror The Free Speech war is upon us, and so we must be ready with the knowledge and will to fight it. The issue we now face is that the masses are waking up to this War. Combine the slow expansion of who the left deems to be a Nazi (or a racist) with an hysterical, click-bait driven media, and we have a recipe for violence.
T, English, words: 2k+, 3/21
1A quick note on- Love by lucidmankey An old essay. Just putting these here, because of the author's inability to produce new material.
K, English, words: 376, 3/18
Lightyear Lighthouse by lucidmankey An old essay, written few years back. Just putting it here.
K, English, words: 431, 3/18
2 If everything happened according to my wish by iamskylar This essay topic was given by my school for an event. This is my first time writing.
K, English, words: 259, 3/18
1 Why I Hate Veterans Day by King of Terror I feel that wearing a poppy is a tacit agreement, or at least acceptance, of Remembrance Day as it exists today and our current military culture: the continuation of our mistreatment of our veterans and the disgusting way we seem to celebrate violence.
T, English, words: 1k+, 3/16
Goldfinger (Movie Review) by King of Terror It took until the third installment of the Ian Fleming-based James Bond spy movie franchise for its identity to crystallize. Following on the successful heels of Dr. No and From Russia with Love- both directed by Terence Young, Sean Connery's early mentor for the urbane leading role - Goldfinger marked a significant upgrade in production values.
K+, English, words: 322, 3/12
Rekindled by language life In order to be rekindled, relationships must sometimes fall apart.
K, English, words: 383, 3/11
1 On Calling People Fat by King of Terror Fat" is only a word. is only a insult if you mean it to be. Context matters. The word itself is not the problem. The issue is the context of how the word was used, and, more importantly, how the person who hears the word chooses to take it. An insult may not be offensive to a person. And a noninsult may be offensive..
T, English, words: 950, 3/10
1 The Glaring Violet Eye by PhilLewis88 This piece is a creative non-fiction essay about awakening.
T, English, words: 1k+, 3/6
1 I Hate The Racism Of Social Justice by King of Terror The tribalism and anti-liberalism that permeates the identity politics promoted by the regressive left is self-evident to anyone who has been paying attention to the metastatic growth of the contemporary "social justice" movement over the last few years.
T, English, words: 1k+, 3/5
1 Intolerance Towards Islam Is Not Islamophobia- It's Intelligence by King of Terror Until the world realizes that Islam isn't a religion, but rather an ancient politicized totalitarian theocracy bent on world domination through the eradication of the infidel (kafir) by using subversive or militaristic means to establish a caliphate based upon sharia law, which forces itself upon people who don't want it, we won't be able to effectively deal with it.
T, English, Spiritual & Supernatural, words: 2k+, 3/4
Captain Marvel & Wonder Woman Reviews, HONESTLY! by King of Terror CAPTAIN MARVEL: Captain Marvel was badass in the beginning, and badass in the end. In a word, "Bland". Marvel's scraps, served to late, because Wonder Women did it better. WONDER WOMAN: I'm offended by DC's lack of diversity. Wonder Woman should be cast as an elderly disabled trans black man. Note: More effort was put in this than the whole Wonder Woman sequel script.
T, English, words: 49, 3/2
35 Desiderata » by Marina x Machina Essays with topics like "Why Feminist and not Egalitarian?" and scraps that my writing is not complete without. Also stories that sound great but I don't have the energy to finish right now. Do not steal ideas; depending on how close I am to my death bed, I may be persuaded into letting you adopt one, but putting them up here doesn't mean I consent to having them taken.
T, English, Humor, chapters: 74, words: 122k+, favs: 13, follows: 9, updated: 3/2 published: 7/9/2017
Supernatural TV Show Review by King of Terror Seasons 1-5 was a show made to tell a story. And it was great.
T, English, Horror & Supernatural, words: 230, 2/26
The Butterfly Effect Review by King of Terror The Butterfly Effect is a movie about a young man (played by Ashton Kutcher) who finds a way to travel back through time and alter his own past, hopefully for the better. Things don't turn out well, as the time traveler learns that any actions he takes to rectify past mistakes only winds up destroying the future for both him, and everyone else he loves.
T, English, Sci-Fi & Romance, words: 216, 2/25
Godzilla (Michael Bay Review) by King of Terror If Michael Bay films were the gold standard for big budget action spectaculars, then the new Godzilla would be a triumph. The problem is, waiting until the third act to see a proper monster fight in a monster movie in which the only interesting character is a massively talented star who isn't around nearly as long as anyone would like is a poor way to set up this type of film.
T, English, words: 154, 2/25
1 How Kathleen Kennedy KILLED Star Wars by King of Terror The setup for The Force Awakens makes very little sense as a continuation of the Star Wars story, because it snaps us back to the functional analogue of the beginning of Episode IV with almost no explanation
T, English, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, words: 1k+, 2/24
1 Dying Of The Light Review by King of Terror George R. R. Martin's unforgettable space opera, "Dying of the Light." :I had almost forgotten how amazing this book is. Written exquisitely, this novel not only stands out because of the vivid imagery the beautiful prose creates in your mind, but also because of it's originality.
T, English, words: 217, 2/24
Dragon Ball Z Kai Review by King of Terror Commenced seriously watching DBZ Kai, a sort of re-release of Dragon Ball Z. Kai has its faults, but it vastly improves upon its predecessor in one respect (aside from the higher quality animation.)
T, English, words: 388, 2/23
Divergent (YA Books Review) by King of Terror Essentially, Divergent is the story of Beatrice Prior, an average, misunderstood, flat chested, never-been-kissed, pre-war heroin, sixteen year old girl who must decide between right and wrong.
T, English, words: 544, 2/22
Revival (Stephen King Book Review) by King of Terror Reading uneducated opinions from a range of professionals whose main talent is critiquing others talent, I was dismayed to learn pensée de groupe has decided that Revival is a "shaggy-dog" time wasting tale, with an admittedly nightmarish ending...
T, English, words: 262, 2/21
the Bourne Legacy (Movie Review) by King of Terror This movie would have been perfectly acceptable as a stand-alone action film. It features gripping action sequences, as well as a strong performance from Jeremy Renner, who played Aron Cross in the starring role.
T, English, words: 232, 2/20
1 Three Questions to Ask When Software Online by hridoyahmed09 it would appear that there is a difference between good and bad news - read on. Have you ever gotten bad news but in the end things turned out well or Ever had someone give you bad news? How about good news? What's the difference or is there a difference? Good news - stuff or information that makes us happy, content, reassured, secure and validated. Bad news - the opposite.
T, English, words: 502, 2/19
My Bride Is A Mermaid (Netflix Anime Review) by King of Terror it's is the story of Nagasumi, a high school boy, who nearly drowns during summer vacation but is saved by a mermaid, Sun. Then shit gets crazy. As it turns out, Suns father is head of an underwater Yakuza clan sworn to destroy any mortal who even catches a glimpse of them. So Nagasumi must agree to marry or face being wiped from the face of the Earth along with his entire family.
T, English, Romance, words: 270, 2/18
Sycamore Row (Book Review) by King of Terror John Grisham's excellent novel Sycamore Row, is a direct sequel of the modern classic A Time To Kill. In A Time To Kill, Jake Brigiance, a young trial lawyer in the small town of Clanton Mississippi, successfully defended Carl Lee Hailey in a controversial trial after the incensed black father took the law into his own hands by killing the two white rapists who raped his child.
T, English, Crime & Drama, words: 405, 2/14
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