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8 Elements of Horror » by Irhaboggler Anthology of stories that, while not scary, contain horror elements (apocalypses, evil twins, madness, death, monsters etc.)
K+, English, Supernatural, chapters: 16, words: 21k+, updated: 8/2/2021 published: 1/2/2020
Spooky Drabbles » by rinawinner13 A series of super short, spooky tales to help me get accustomed to this site. Please be patient with me and I hope you enjoy what I have to offer.
T, English, Horror & Supernatural, chapters: 5, words: 2k+, updated: 7/30/2021 published: 7/25/2021
1 The Organ Surgeon by Silent Radio To spend a single minute with the organ surgeon is the equivalent of spending a day in hell.
T, English, Horror & Crime, words: 894, favs: 1, 7/27/2021
1 It's My 23rd Birthday by Silent Radio It was supposed to be his 23rd birthday tomorrow.
T, English, Horror & Supernatural, words: 1k+, 7/26/2021
1 The Unlucky Twist by Silent Radio Otis was the only person to witness the death of a person from a car accident. Maybe today was the day to drive off the bridge.
T, English, Horror & Tragedy, words: 857, favs: 1, 7/26/2021
Heroes & Monsters by Lievrehare They saw magic as a science, Mephisto called it business. Sam is a young man who lost his faith in magic. He is no fan of superheroes, but when Mephisto's children threaten his family and the world, he is forced to team up with one. They said that monsters are tragic beings born in the wrong world. If this is the case, then, Sam, Bo Peep, everyone... are all monsters.
T, French, Horror & Humor, words: 2k+, 7/20/2021
1 Verano by Dani H. Danvers En verano el recuerdo de su hermana siempre la persigue, y tal vez no sea solo su recuerdo.
T, Spanish, Horror, words: 209, favs: 1, follows: 1, 7/19/2021
2From the Ashes by Danni Rae A sister and brother flee from creatures that fell from the sky and crawled out From the Ashes
K, English, Horror & Sci-Fi, words: 2k+, favs: 1, follows: 1, 7/14/2021
2Dreams within the Ozarks » by Ellen Howell What separates reality from a dream? What lurks in places ill-explored and sparsely settled, in mountains riddled with fear and prejudice? The answers lie hidden within the dreams, detailed in barely comprehensible scribblings or vague impressions. And, oftentimes, the answers bring only more questions, and little understanding. An anthology based on my dreams.
T, English, Horror & Supernatural, chapters: 4, words: 3k+, updated: 7/13/2021 published: 7/24/2019
A Side of Fries by Rosario Vargas Joe Baker lived at 4394 Buck Drive in South Burlington, Vermont on a small farm. He was a tall, thin man who always woke up every morning at four o'clock on the dot so he could tend to his livestock, nourish his crops, and get ready for the rest of his day at his day job in the city. ((Not my usual genre)) One shot.
T, English, words: 2k+, 7/11/2021
3 W h y d i d y o u c o m e h e r e by wearemadeofstardust Why why why did you come here - where many go in but no one comes out?
K+, English, Horror & Supernatural, words: 438, favs: 1, 7/4/2021
1 Wearing Their Skins by Silent Radio Only the man knows what to do with the skin he flayed; wear them in all their bloody splendor.
T, English, Horror & Crime, words: 1k+, 7/1/2021
Off Track by Jave Harron A railway engineer beholds a surreal vision.
K+, English, Supernatural & Horror, words: 322, 7/1/2021
And Then They Kissed by Robin Ewing Tomomi's new roommate is really weird.
T, English, Supernatural & Romance, words: 4k+, favs: 1, 6/25/2021
13Cocytus » by empiresofwater In the early 1860s, the HMS Cocytus makes her voyage to explore the far land of Antarctica. Something awaits her there. [Antarctic cosmic horror] [some m/m and f/f elements]
T, English, Mystery & Supernatural, chapters: 14, words: 25k+, favs: 7, follows: 5, updated: 6/21/2021 published: 6/8/2020
4Creepypasta Micro-fiction » by peachghost They searched and searched, but his body was never found. {A collection of short horror stories.}
T, English, Horror & Supernatural, chapters: 2, words: 2k+, favs: 2, follows: 2, updated: 6/20/2021 published: 9/4/2019
3 The Right Stars by Jave Harron Cthulhu never imagined saving the world, instead of destroying it.
K+, English, Humor & Parody, words: 502, favs: 1, 6/20/2021
The Silence of it All by Silent Radio In the silence of it all, a man comes back for his family while a pandemic is raging across the world.
T, English, Tragedy & Horror, words: 1k+, 6/15/2021
8Sally Hunters: Los pecados del mundo » by Andrew Chang Han pasado seis años desde que Sally y los demás pelearon contra Lucifer, hoy en día cada uno vive su vida como cualquier ser humano normal. Sin embargo, antes de cumpleaños de la hija de Sally, Deyna, una mujer irrumpe y secuestra a esta última desafiando a Sally a salir de su retiro. Es la hora de que Sally Hunters vuelva a la batalla.
T, Spanish, Supernatural & Horror, chapters: 22, words: 102k+, favs: 2, follows: 2, updated: 6/15/2021 published: 11/27/2014
2 Why? by misswitch A girl wakes up in the back of a car on a farm in the middle of the night. Something is strange about the family that's abducted her - they all wear bandages over their eyes. Can she escape? Will she survive? And who is Anna?
T, English, Horror & Suspense, words: 2k+, favs: 2, 6/14/2021
1 The Stage of Blood by Silent Radio The stage where the dancer dies is the day thousands more will die.
T, English, Horror & Mystery, words: 1k+, 6/13/2021
The Thirst by tommy.oliver74 "My death, as it turned out, was only the beginning. I awoke with a strange sort of thirst. My throat burned with the sensation. I only knew one thing right then and there—it had to be quenched. Immediately. As my eyes slowly adjusted to the darkness, I began to take stock of my surroundings. Where was I? It appeared that I was in a very small room with wooden walls and floors..."
T, English, Horror & Supernatural, words: 2k+, 6/12/2021
2 A New Covenant, or the Truth of Metal » by Zphert In a Sea of Light extinguished, one still stands alone. It reasons it's end, but there is no reason here, for the darkness courses in the hearts of man.
T, English, Horror & Sci-Fi, chapters: 3, words: 1k+, favs: 1, follows: 1, updated: 6/7/2021 published: 7/14/2020
What Hides in the Darkness? by RaptusLarve A short story about the experience of a lone wanderer with the forest, darkness, and the things that hide inside it.
T, English, Horror & Mystery, words: 2k+, 6/5/2021
2 A Tree With Gnarled Roots by Robin Ewing Inspired by the American Gothic genre- A woman recently widowed returns to her childhood home to find her parents missing but every other dead relative she can think of are present and accounted for, their ghostly forms haunting the house. If they have their way, she'll stay forever.
T, English, Horror & Supernatural, words: 6k+, favs: 1, 5/26/2021
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