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Redemption » by Ameraka After Jet lets the traitors escape, he needs to do something to redeem himself in the eyes of his father. But the traitors are now virtually undetectable, and Jet must fight his fear of the one who captured him and tried to possess him. Will he be able to find her hidden somewhere in the prison city? Sequel to Revolt. I have it, and the sequel, written, I just have to edit and post
T, English, Sci-Fi & Adventure, chapters: 29, words: 94k+, favs: 1, follows: 1, updated: 4h published: 3/28
No » by murinae1 Gil recalls his life after he left Missouri. This story references events of "Catamount," it is dedicated to my mother and the suggested listening is "Wake Me up When September Ends" by Green Day. Rated K-plus for excessive drinking and vague attempts at suicide.
K+, English, Supernatural & Friendship, chapters: 21, words: 10k+, updated: 14h published: 5/16
Jikanime Motori » by Joanne14148 Thirteen young men from three different time periods find themselves employed by a mysterious company named Jikanime Motori Inc, and it's unlike anything they've ever joined before.
T, English, Sci-Fi & Friendship, chapters: 4, words: 16k+, follows: 1, updated: 7/23 published: 5/16
Angels Of War by Nogui At the very top of the pecking order, the Angels are the supreme metahumans of the galaxy, but they are shrouded in legend and conflicting propaganda. How powerful are they? Are they truly invincible? Where did they come from? Rated T for high destruction violence, but no graphic details. Complete.
T, English, Sci-Fi & Supernatural, words: 5k+, 7/23
It Never Rains on Mars » by Symphonic Rain 2100. You win 2 million dollars in the lottery. You blow it all on two tickets to Mars, you and a girl you barely know. Mere days later, Earth is hit by a Relativistic Kill Vehicle wiping out all life on the surface. The fledgling colonies on Luna, Venus and Mars are all that's left of humanity. No more resupplies. No more help. It's so cold in space, and it never rains on Mars...
T, English, Suspense & Tragedy, chapters: 2, words: 1k+, updated: 7/23 published: 7/16
3The Adventures of Andi » by Rebel Mutant A Tale from Mizzer, Andi is a Great Dane Dog-Girl Humanimal who has a grand destiny before her
T, English, Adventure & Fantasy, chapters: 3, words: 4k+, updated: 7/22 published: 7/16
Genesis II: Betrayal at Beravon by Jochern Betrayal; Archon Aholi and the Twentieth Legion of Secunatus Rexionis is betrayed at Beravon and attacked by the legions of his siblings Ibeji and Ceres. The super-soldiers of the Twentieth have to warn the Imperium, and Ibeji and Ceres must wipe out the survivors before they can do it.
T, English, Tragedy & Sci-Fi, words: 915, 7/22
32The Tale of Two Humanimals » by Rebel Mutant A Tale of Two Humanimals from Mizzer, how one rose to glory and the other fell to villainy
T, English, Fantasy & Adventure, chapters: 18, words: 17k+, updated: 7/21 published: 3/2
The 6 gifts - Book 9 - The Love Triangle » by The 6 Gifts 9th book in the 6 Gifts series.
T, English, Adventure & Suspense, chapters: 11, words: 18k+, updated: 7/21 published: 7/12
Animation Halation Episode 1: A New Adventure » by StarlitDuck Joseph A. "Lanky" Sykes lost his mad scientist father two years ago in an accident involving a prototype of a dimension hopping machine. Lanky, wanting to put the past behind him, decides to shut down the project. However, that changes one day, where an accidental resurrection of the computer reveals that Lanky's father might just not be dead after all.
T, English, Sci-Fi & Adventure, chapters: 2, words: 3k+, updated: 7/20 published: 7/19
2Union Galactic: The Saints of Soul Sister » by FrankieMerleaux Space adventure down on the bayou! Come along with Jean Francois Merleaux, a normal teenage boy living in rural south Louisiana, as he discovers an ancient fourth dimensional alien called a Maytrei Dutom. "Frankie" Merleaux must use his new confidant to escape the FBI, a mysterious alien girl, and head off into space to fight the evil Union Galactic Corporation.
T, English, Adventure & Sci-Fi, chapters: 19, words: 137k+, favs: 2, follows: 2, updated: 7/20 published: 3/21
1 Mechanical Heart by oceanwritings Emily knows something is a bit weird about her dreams. When something becomes reality; she finds herself once again in control; and ready to take the fight to them. **may write a full story, this is just a sample**
T, English, Sci-Fi & Romance, words: 2k+, 7/20
The Dogfight by MysteriousVoid Tense aerial combat breaks out as a gymnasium filled with schoolchildren look on.
T, English, Sci-Fi, words: 2k+, 7/19
Cuando el cielo se abre » by Wan Yokubari Cuando el cielo se abre ocurre algo hermoso. Eso pensarás si vienes a esta ciudad. Miles de luces en una mezcla de colores hacen que el mundo, en el respiro de un segundo, se sienta mágico. Y mientras descienden hacia el suelo en un cegador bamboleo todo parece ir más lento.
K+, Spanish, Sci-Fi, chapters: 5, words: 8k+, 7/18
Lonely in Space A deep spacer loses, finds, and loses his girl by hvysmker John is a deep-spacer about to begin a ten year journey. He meets and falls for a woman, having to leave her behind – or does he?
T, English, Sci-Fi & Drama, words: 3k+, 7/17
Jee-rodea, Jockey by marzmez Jee-rodea always wanted to be an Arch-steed jockey. This is her big chance.
K, English, Sci-Fi, words: 569, 7/17
2Gundam Gemini » by Crimson Arrow Amidst an intergalactic power struggle over the advanced relics of an ancient civilisation, a pilot discovers the relic that will aid her quest for vengeance and change the balance of the war.
T, English, Sci-Fi & Adventure, chapters: 17, words: 180k+, favs: 1, follows: 1, updated: 7/17 published: 2/29/2020
2 The Sky Has No Flag by Jave Harron The skies are dominated by automated fleets of aerial battleships, attacking cities and settlements beneath. A handful of rural communities band together to take them down in a daring attack.
K+, English, Adventure & Suspense, words: 655, favs: 1, 7/16
Let The Game Begin » by ColeUryuu Every animal in the world; bugs, fish, mammals. All have been infected. All have mutated and are growing at an unprecedented rate. All of their lives are extended. The top Scientists of the world have named this virus the G.A.M.E Virus. The Genetically Alternate Mutant Effect. The animals can get up to five times their normal size when they stop growing. What's life like now?
T, English, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, chapters: 8, words: 8k+, updated: 7/16 published: 6/22
A broken Cyborg by Vactile COMING SOON
T, English, Sci-Fi, words: 200, 7/15
1 Last Year's Model by Jave Harron A sentient appliance is thrown away.
K+, English, Tragedy, words: 315, 7/14
32Biollante Wars » by Rebel Mutant Early in the history of Planet Mizzer, the Humans and Humanimals came in conflict with one of the planet's native life forms a species giant carnivorous plant that seems hell bent on destroying all Animals! Two young Humanimals rise to the occasion to save not just their fellow Earthlings but all Animal Life
T, English, Adventure & Fantasy, chapters: 16, words: 12k+, updated: 7/13 published: 1/27/2020
Dust before rust » by toacoy A blue robot transverse a world once full of life only to be left in the current state.
T, English, Sci-Fi, chapters: 4, words: 1k+, follows: 1, updated: 7/9 published: 4/9
Lycan and Hound (Original Draft) » by Waxing Shadow Beneath the light of the full moon, a monster lurks. But is this monster all that it seems? When this monster meets another "monster" the combination will change both their destinies... Forever.
T, English, Sci-Fi & Adventure, chapters: 22, words: 26k+, 7/8
Forsvar by Sarkhan Simply a space battle. Idk what else to put here.
T, English, words: 1k+, 7/8
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