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1 Ida Beauregard by mia-drinks-too-much-tea Ida Beauregard is seventy-five years old and she's going to make some changes in her life, starting with the walls. A short piece that gives us a glimpse into Ida's world and why we all need a little more purple in our lives.
K+, English, Hurt/Comfort & Supernatural, words: 594, 5h
UnSpoken Song » by MikaMckeena Whoever said being a teenager is easy? Well, it mostly is for Song Bray in dealing with the everyday normal life of school to a part-time job and thankful to have one good friend in all this! Also, throw in the whole "werewolf" thing that overshadows her life. Song has never shifted and is glad for that. Just life goes to hell when a hunter is killed in the local woods..
T, English, Drama & Supernatural, chapters: 2, words: 4k+, updated: 17h published: 11/19
2Let Sleeping Werewolves Lie » by Lilum Haunted by a criminal past that involved stirring things up with some shady supernatural beings, Max just wants to stay out of trouble. He's an empath with a drinking problem and sells used cars, so it shouldn't be too difficult. But naturally, Max is dragged into werewolf business and no amount of pointing out that he's a lazy coward who really doesn't care can get him out of it.
T, English, Supernatural & Fantasy, chapters: 6, words: 34k+, favs: 5, follows: 7, updated: 18h published: 1/2
The Golden Bloodline by M3rcy Matilda Maria Frost wakes up one night, hearing a voice. The voice of God. And his proposal to her... to marry his son.
T, English, Family & Spiritual, words: 1k+, 21h
The Hunt For Manas-shastra by The94thRiverII Sequel to Curious Happenings That changed it all. Features the changes their life a year later the incidents of Haragovindgarh. And in shadow there lurks someone..
K, English, Adventure & Fantasy, words: 1k+, 23h
Blood Suckered » by Lilum Tara is just a pixie trying to make a living as a bounty hunter. When funds get tight, Tara decides to go after a vampire on the lam. What should have been an easy job somehow lands her in the middle of a war between vampires and something much worse. Lucky for Tara, she's a pixie with an attitude and won't be going down without a fight. At least not without getting paid first.
T, English, Fantasy & Romance, chapters: 2, words: 5k+, updated: 12/16 published: 12/10
The Nightgown by Love Like Homicide A girl buys a second-hand nightgown which may be haunted.
T, English, Spiritual & Angst, words: 2k+, 12/16
6A Random Walk » by foreversnevers It doesn't matter if they are human or not-you push someone around enough, and eventually they start to push back.
T, English, Supernatural & Romance, chapters: 13, words: 37k+, favs: 3, follows: 5, updated: 12/16 published: 9/13
Line by Uneven Line by Aviantei [Trey & Whiskey; Drabble] Drew placed a hand on Trey's shoulder, swaying the smaller boy back and forth. The confidence of close proximity kept Trey's knees from collapse. "You're not gonna get hurt if you go inside," Drew said, lopsided grin across his face. Butterflies joined the upheaval in Trey's stomach. "Go ahead and unlock it. It's yours now."
K+, English, Hurt/Comfort, words: 1k+, 12/16
X » by Cydonia X was a radio show that became popular for their storytelling. The show, however, stopped soon after that popularity had risen because of the death of one of its hosts. Seven years later, the show has been rebooted by the remaining host.
T, English, Fantasy & Mystery, chapters: 3, words: 1k+, updated: 12/16 published: 12/11
(Eng) Heartbeat ! » by Fievelovy This story is about 11 people who has a special power. Most people was born with only 1 power, but Yamada Suzaku was a special case. He was born with 2 super power. He notice that he had Telepathy but he never notice about his other power, it was...
T, English, Supernatural & Adventure, chapters: 5, words: 2k+, updated: 12/16 published: 12/12/2016
Changeling » by Bertie the Redwood Trapped in a teenage body by magic, Maggie is a human pet of the Fairchilds, a clan of faeries. As the oldest changeling, Maggie knows that survival depends on playing the game of life like a faery. Cheat when you can, and don't get caught. But what will become of the changelings when six of the Fairchilds are murdered? There isn't always a happily ever after.
T, English, Suspense & Fantasy, chapters: 3, words: 4k+, follows: 1, updated: 12/15 published: 12/2
Walmart Shenanigans by Toe Slurper A man visits his local Walmart
T, English, Adventure & Drama, words: 183, 12/15
Sorena by KatiD123 How did it all come down to this? It was me or him. My first fiction story ever! I hope you enjoy this vampire story, please leave comments whether that be negative or positive feedback, I'd appreciate it all.
K+, English, Supernatural, words: 1k+, 12/15
43Darkest Night » by Siese Gabriel Stone has a secret. He's the only thing standing between the things that go bump in the night and an all-you-can-eat buffet: mankind. Trouble is, he's the new kid in a town full to bursting with demons and poltergeists looking to make his life (literally) Hell on Earth. High school's never been so tough. Rewrite.
T, English, Supernatural & Adventure, chapters: 22, words: 73k+, favs: 19, follows: 22, updated: 12/14 published: 9/23/2016
The Mac Donnels by M3rcy He stood at the edge of that bridge, looking down at the cascading ripples of the freezing river below. Matthew gulped. He could hear in the distance, people cheering merrily on the streets, family's hugging and kissing their loved ones. Children running and laughing. He stood at the edge of the bridge, and raised his foot off one side of it. "Excuse me, mister." - Christmas Story.
T, English, Supernatural & Friendship, words: 865, 12/14
If You're Here by Camila Can't Think Three brothers make their way down the post apocalyptic American west coast.
T, English, Family & Angst, words: 4k+, 12/14
Dr Chops' Helpline by mia-drinks-too-much-tea It's late, Darryl is thinking about Paul and Dr Chops is live. Running a radio show from your attic isn't easy, but some manage it with feline grace.
K+, English, Supernatural & Humor, words: 548, 12/14
1 Deception, Haven: Book 1 » by raevenlywrites Brooke keeps dreaming about dying. Not her death, but the deaths of those around her. Strangers. And something dark on silent wings. Rook has watched her for centuries, through lifetime after lifetime. It's never been enough to save her. Something is hunting in her city, and it's getting closer with every kill. Will she solve the mystery before the death she dreams is her own?
T, English, Supernatural & Suspense, chapters: 9, words: 46k+, favs: 1, follows: 2, updated: 12/13 published: 9/26
The Paranormal Archive » by Unexplained What hides in the folds of your mind? What lurks in darkened corners, and secret rooms? Beneath the fabric of reality, what is there? There are things we aren't meant to understand, things that we've never even heard of. Behind locked doors are the secrets never even told. This is the Paranormal Archive.
T, English, Supernatural & Mystery, chapters: 2, words: 1k+, 12/13
Friday 13 - A day of Emergence » by Termony Karistis A story about two boys' journey in teenhood. It was about some superstitions in the world. Random gossips like Friday the thirteen.
T, English, Supernatural & Adventure, chapters: 8, words: 10k+, updated: 12/13 published: 5/13
The Golden Thread by dear universe These threads connect everyone, and come in a variety of colors. Fala thinks she has seen them all, until the day she meets a man with golden threads.
K+, English, Drama & Supernatural, words: 1k+, 12/13
Post-Mortem by thebrainmask Unlike most people, I always hoped that there wouldn't be life after death. The idea of an infinite void seemed quite comforting; the knowledge that whatever we did in life didn't matter, and that we all ended up in the same place. Every man is equal when they're in the ground, after all.
T, English, Supernatural & Humor, words: 512, 12/13
The Thirteenth Hour » by TheLastChapter This is the fourth and last short story in the Halloween theme. It got out of hand and ran much longer than I intended. This is about an intended 6 to 8 chapters or so. It's about a young kid by the name of Ivan, who gets caught up in some supernatural events, and witchery.
T, English, Supernatural & Mystery, chapters: 5, words: 8k+, updated: 12/12 published: 11/11
Ash » by HybridStories31 In this world Hybrids have one purpose: to lead the crusade against Mason's tyranny. Ash is one of the most powerful Hybrids to survive infancy in over a thousand years and the world needs her. Only Ash has a different plan for her future and it doesn't include fighting the good fight.
T, English, Supernatural & Drama, chapters: 3, words: 5k+, updated: 12/12 published: 9/23
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