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Something to remember by Captan Jean This is the edited version of this story. A man wakes up covered in blood and stiff with no memory. (I'm not very good at this but feedback would be nice)
T, English, Supernatural & Drama, words: 3k+, 5/22/2020
The Story of We by Ceky Writing Prompt: You're possessed by a demon. You quickly realize he's never done this before.
K+, English, Supernatural, words: 1k+, 5/22/2020
The Hunter » by LeeWebber12 Alicia's morning was not what she expected. Friday was supposed to be simple. Instead she finds herself succeeding the Hunter far earlier than anyone in the Coven anticipated meaning for the foreseeable future she's stuck fighting the forces of evil... so basically trying not to die. It doesn't get any better when ancient demons start taking an interest in her either.
T, English, Supernatural & Drama, chapters: 6, words: 5k+, favs: 1, updated: 5/21/2020 published: 4/11/2020
6The Galener Chronicles :: Book One :: Cursed » by ImmortalDreams When Sophia Galener accidentally frees Henry, a tormented vampire, from his century of imprisonment, it results in the death of her guardian. Now both on the run from the law, a vengeful vampire from Henry's past could tear the new lovers apart.
T, English, Romance & Supernatural, chapters: 8, words: 31k+, favs: 6, follows: 1, updated: 5/20/2020 published: 1/20/2011
The Dragons of Halloween » by TheLastChapter Another Halloween romp, with Brumhilda the witch and her friends, as they fight their way into and hopefully out of one adventure after another trying to solve yet more mishaps. First, we start with Oscar as it seems Brumhilda is still asleep.
T, English, Fantasy & Mystery, chapters: 32, words: 93k+, favs: 1, updated: 5/19/2020 published: 10/16/2019
1Dragons of Elements by JasonBondWriter Once upon a tim,an army of dragons created the Earth and the humans. Each dragon used one particular element; they also gave their powers to their creations. But then one evil man tried to corrupt them in order to conquer the world. Both dragons and evil man finish locked up in the center of the Earth. Two thousands years have passed. How did the world evolve ? Rated T for safety.
T, English, Spiritual & Fantasy, words: 1k+, 5/19/2020
1The Mixture Club » by HopeFaith10 On her first day in Pluberry Academy, Astra comes across the school's mixture club - a club for students who are born as two or more species. Follow Astra's adventures as she guided in the school and world by Qinglong, Patchy, Levi and Conan.
T, English, Fantasy & Friendship, chapters: 2, words: 2k+, follows: 1, updated: 5/19/2020 published: 5/8/2020
1Hellgirl » by Abbi S. Fazbear Boy meets girl. Boy falls for girl. Typical, right? Boy finds out girl is a demon. His world gets a hell lot crazier.
T, English, Supernatural & Fantasy, chapters: 2, words: 488, updated: 5/11/2020 published: 5/9/2020
Esprit, es-tu là ? by AnneO'Nimm Une poupée hantée, c'est banal pour Gayané. Ça se gère même les doigts dans le nez.
T, French, Supernatural, words: 3k+, 5/10/2020
Loves Lost And Found » by VineLight A Kindness of Devils Valentne's Day special: a series of vignettes concerning the wives and lives of Hardestadt Delac through the centuries, to present day.
T, English, Supernatural & Romance, chapters: 7, words: 23k+, updated: 5/7/2020 published: 2/8/2019
Revenant » by J. B. Tilton Dr. Alec Mason was a professor of Comparative Analysis of Myths and Legends at a prestigious university. He taught about mythical creatures and legends from history and around the world but never believed in the things he taught. Until the day he discovers that they are all too real.
K+, English, Supernatural & Horror, chapters: 14, words: 42k+, favs: 2, updated: 5/6/2020 published: 4/29/2020
Harvestend 1783 & The Reaping 1784 by Angeladex The Wood to the west of Lower East Linder is cursed. You don't enter it, for fear of the Beasts therein. Two stories told at once. Ky's connection to the Cursed Wood. His first encounter therein, and his second, nearly a year later. Spectres explained. Ky's Gift mentioned, but not explored. Rated T for violence. Spot the names pulled from my favorite stories! Reviews adored!
T, English, Adventure & Supernatural, words: 8k+, 5/5/2020
Eternal » by Elizabehta Beilschmidt Elizabeth was a very old vampire, used to changes and tragedies, used to adapt to the evolving world. When one night she searches for a distraction she finds someone as lost as she is, a human man that sparks an interest in her. But will that be enough? Would she risk involving him in her ageless world? Cross-posting in Wattpad.
T, English, Supernatural & Romance, chapters: 15, words: 27k+, favs: 1, follows: 1, updated: 4/28/2020 published: 3/24/2019
Into The Twilight Zone: The Girl Who Wasn't There by GwenhwyvarReads A young girl unwanted by anyone buys a bus ticket to town no one has heard of. She knows all too well how this world works... and that is why she's searching for a new one beyond the borders of everything she's ever known.
T, English, Supernatural & Drama, words: 10k+, 4/27/2020
1Ace » by HopeFaith10 Ace is the perfect teenager - good grades, good friends, good job and even some admirers. She's even a model student. But she has a secret which nobody outside of her family could ever know. If this secret was ever to be revealed, it wouldn't only cost her reputation, but it might also cost her life.
T, English, Sci-Fi & Drama, chapters: 2, words: 2k+, updated: 4/26/2020 published: 4/5/2020
Judgement by RustedThunder Antietam Mozzetch is a Judge. A hunter of the supernatural. A teacher. A man cursed. He makes his way through the supernatural underworld, sending those deserving to hell, and raising hell to those that deserve it.
T, English, Supernatural, words: 1k+, 4/26/2020
Feather: An Angel Romance by Amme Lockheart This was a mistake. Why did I write a note of encouragement to this girl? Now she thinks I'm a ghost. I was to simply observe and wait for the moment I was here for to complete my mission but I knew if I had the chance I'd do it all over.
T, English, Romance & Angst, words: 821, follows: 1, 4/25/2020
Look Closer » by ErnestScribbler What you are about to read is no ordinary detective story, solving murderous cases and missing persons. What if the missing person is an elbian undercover? Officer Lily Clearwater, an english officer in London, encounters such cases almost day to day. Some cases will bring her into different worlds and others will remind of her dark past.
T, English, Fantasy & Suspense, chapters: 3, words: 7k+, updated: 4/25/2020 published: 10/30/2019
Book 1: Showtime by StarRoseColors Due to the need for quick and easy rent money and the issues that come from a traumatic childhood accident, Elizabeth "Liza" Dorado ends up getting a questionable job as the night guard of Ted Bear's Pizza. But there's more to this place then what lurks underneath and Liza might not have enough time to solve it. (FNAF inspired.)
T, English, Horror & Friendship, words: 1k+, 4/24/2020
1 Blue and Gold by JTR01 While following the impulses of the gold knife in her possession, Alicia encounters London's urban myth that is known only as Necrotize. Third story in my Golden Knife series of one shots and a crossover with my Necrotize one shot.
T, English, Horror, words: 1k+, favs: 1, 4/24/2020
1 A Joyful Heart by Jave Harron Matthew Murphy and Jada Jackson are Marked by otherworldly forces, charged with battling the forces of Hell. After a strange vision, they must protect an newfound ally before a supernatural killer strikes again.
K+, English, Supernatural & Suspense, words: 7k+, favs: 2, 4/24/2020
Taste of Madness by Kratmaster The story follows a strange series of events told in first-person.
T, English, Supernatural & Suspense, words: 3k+, follows: 1, 4/22/2020
ʙʟᴏᴏᴅ ᴀʀᴇɴᴀ ʙᴏᴏᴋ ᴏɴᴇ by EVERRA J. WELLS In a world where humans are nothing more than a food source for the all powerful vampire empire, Sephora Evers struggles with her life at a popular Blood House for the richest vampires. With her eighteenth birthday fast approaching and the chances of her being bought increasing, Sephora tries everything she can to make it into The Arena. And with death, blood, and murder awaiting
T, English, Fantasy & Tragedy, words: 1k+, follows: 1, 4/21/2020
On the Outside » by virginiahathorne This is a re-write of a previously published original story of mine, under a different title/username. Some of the characters' names have been changed. A college student moves into an old boarding house. Mysterious visitors make her question her safety as well as her perception of reality. Copyright 2017. All Rights Reserved.
T, English, Supernatural & Romance, chapters: 10, words: 12k+, 4/20/2020
2Moonlight: Crimson Moon » by Saya3x3 Volume 1. Daniel Blake was just a normal teenager living in a world where humans live alongside lycanthropes, humans who can shapeshift into specific animals. Things changed one night when he's attacked by a werewolf on a camping trip and becomes one weeks later. Now he must deal with his bestial nature while fighting off threats both human and nonhuman.
T, English, Supernatural & Fantasy, chapters: 2, words: 21k+, follows: 2, updated: 4/18/2020 published: 4/14/2020
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