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All era's of history included in this Forum! Rp as practically anyone. From Ancient Egypt to the Cold War, there have always been great leaders, and men behind the scenes.
English - Topics: 23 - Since: 02-14-12 - Time Tinker
Civil War RPG33.1K
Play as a Union or Confederate soldier, doctor, nurse or civilian in the war over states rights and preserving the Union. All are welcome.
English - Topics: 27 - Since: 04-29-09 - Star the Foxhound
Speak Easy25.4K
1920s America...where the gin joints were underground, the liquor was fine, women enjoyed life, and organized crime was born.
English - Topics: 63 - Since: 12-14-07 - Danielle Thamasa
Civil War RPG23.6K
Come play as historical or original Civil War characters as Union and Confederate forces clash in late 1864 to decide the fate of Grant’s Overland campaign and Richmond. To arms men, to arms!
English - Topics: 31 - Since: 04-22-08 - disused account
Tampering with History20.9K
Welcome to a forum that was used to know as Roaring 20's. We've gone through a change and you can now role-play whatever time in history you want. If you can't find an RP topic you like, suggest one and we'll see what we can make of it! Rated M
English - Topics: 10 - Since: 03-26-13 - SpicyDinosaur
Regency RPG19.7K
Does Jane Austen mean more to you than just an author? Does the mention of "Pride and Predjudice", "Persuasion" or "Sense and Sensibility" make you think of beautiful dresses and handsome men? Here, you can RP your own regency characters. Have fun!
English - Topics: 43 - Since: 10-01-08 - Tatianolishka
The Second Great War RPG European Theater7.9K
Join in the greatest military conflict of recorded history..!
English - Topics: 16 - Since: 07-28-08 - Woodstock1330
1580's Scotland RP6.5K
An Historical Fiction RolePlay forum for anyone that is interested in Scotland in the year 1580. Ken ye 'ear 'em, lad? Tha pipes are callin' ye!
English - Topics: 18 - Since: 11-27-07 - Scottish Princess
The Time Machine RP2.8K
This roleplay is about a group of youngish teenagers in the 21st century, who make a time machine, and travel back in time to different time zones. If you want to join, please do...and if you don't, then nobody's forcing you : Angel
English - Topics: 10 - Since: 10-16-10 - BusyBee317
Irish war of Independence2.4K
An Rp set during the days of the Irish war of independence.
English - Topics: 16 - Since: 11-08-08 - Irish toaster
The Kingdom of Witherdale2K
This RP takes place during the middle ages in the Kingdom of Witherdale. You can RP as anybody from royalty, to a commoner, to a beggar. Find action, adventure, romance, and excitement. Still active and searching for fellow RPers! All are welcome so please join! This forum is still active and looking for RPers to join the kingdom as of 10/30/18.
English - Topics: 10 - Since: 05-16-17 - SharkTooth
WWII RP: Time-travel Problems1.1K
Master Uchiha is a Japanese-born American Jew. He somehow travels to Nazi Germany, and must find his way back to the present before the Nazis find out he's Jewish. If you're unsure of this OC, you may want to see my RPs.
English - Topics: 4 - Since: 10-25-12 - Eric Cartman forever
Laraby's Detective Agency RPG738
Due to a rise in the London crime rate, a Mr. Joseph Laraby was asked to organize a staff of secret police to find crime at its underground roots- detectives! Play as a detective, a civilian, or a criminal in the streets of Victorian London, 1879!
English - Topics: 10 - Since: 12-03-08 - R.M.Whitaker
We were Cadets RPG724
There were stories before the Civil War. Based on the ongoing story.
English - Topics: 7 - Since: 07-12-09 - NurfHurdur
Pirates RPG563
Are you brave enough to become a pirate, and face the dangers that come with the crime of piracy? Or are you willing to make sacrifices for the great fortunes that lie ahead?
English - Topics: 31 - Since: 05-18-11 - xXHistoryGeekXx
Petley House477
Petley House is the home of the Duke and Duchess of Hellingly. Submit children of the Duke and Duchess, their friends, family, and, of course, their servants.
English - Topics: 31 - Since: 06-01-14 - MimsyMarie
1950's RP451
Welcome to the 50's!The year's 1955.Roleplay.No profanity filter.
English - Topics: 8 - Since: 05-29-10 - Lady of the Freaks
Victorian Era345
Hello, and welcome to the forum! This is set in London during the 19th century. The Victorian era is a period in time when Queen Victoria was in power, as well as the different gowns and puffy sleeves. During the early 1800s, men wore waistcoats, and vests, as well. The forum also has an alternative history of Steampunk, too. Machinery and retro-futuristic mechanisms are a part of everyday life, and new members are always welcome!
English - Topics: 7 - Since: 04-12-14 - umiyasumi
Victorian Era281
Victorian Era of the early 1800s. Set during 19th century London.
English - Topics: 6 - Since: 12-24-12 - Yamai-chan
Wagons Ho!276
The oxen low, the wheels creak, and a long train of Conestogas rumble towards the untamed prairies of the west and the fertile valleys of Oregon Territory. The year is 1867 - come and stake your claim! Oregon Or Bust!
English - Topics: 10 - Since: 12-20-08 - DaCivilWarBear
Research and Discuss History238
A place for history buffs to share their knowledge by helping writers complete research for their historical stories. Beta readers are also available!
English - Topics: 22 - Since: 10-18-06 - lX Carpe Diem Xl
An Gorta Mór189
Ireland must fight for her survival, as the potato crop dies.
English - Topics: 8 - Since: 03-18-10 - Uldaren Bardaniel
Upstairs, Downstairs172
The year is 1912 and the unsinkable ship has just sunk. It's the beggining of cultivating change and progression throughout the world. Are you a lord, or a servant. A lady, or a ladies maid. Whether you're stirring up trouble downstairs, or dealing with the line of succession, and courting the next heir, change affects us all. Come join and figure out where you fall in all of this. (A very Downton Abbey feel to it, but with new twist, and new characters)
English - Topics: 6 - Since: 03-12-13 - QueenAnneBoleyn
Making history. Private only.
English - Topics: 3 - Since: 08-19-14 - Altdeleted
The Renaissance128
Italy. 1492. As the Borgia pope reigns, Italy falls apart. Plot, counterplot, intrigue, high art, and more await.
English - Topics: 9 - Since: 12-15-10 - Maximilianus
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