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A Shoggoth from Space by Jave Harron A shoggoth from space wants to eat my face.
K+, English, Humor & Adventure, words: 91, 7/17/2019
Вишке by PoetOfSaiMiHunManKal Тя монь омбоце валмора Мокшень кяльса. Мон путыне сонь Ангалкс разделти, сяс мес мокшень раздел аш. Ёран азомс оцю сюкпря Нумолонь Пилькти лездоманкса. This is my second poem in Moksha. I put this in the English section because there's no section for Moksha. Special thanks to my Moksha friend Numulunj Pilgä for helping me.
K, English, Humor, words: 57, 7/5/2019
『오피스타』점보zero12 판교오피 오피쓰 시흥 스텔라테라피 판교휴게텔 판교오 by chocolatefact0420 『오피스타』점보zero12 판교오피 오피쓰 시흥 스텔라테라피 판교휴게텔 판교오피】〖판교오피ア판교오피 판교건마 『오피스타』점보zero12 판교오피 오피쓰 시흥 스텔라테라피 판교휴게텔 판교오피】〖판교오피ア판교오피 판교건마 『오피스타』점보zero12 판교오피 오피쓰 시흥 스텔라테라피 판교휴게텔 판교오피】〖판교오피ア판교오피 판교건마
K, Korean, Drama, words: 56, 6/18/2019
3 Conch by Lamia of the Dark picking up shells on the beach and putting them to your ear is a good idea right
T, English, Poetry & Humor, words: 43, favs: 1, 6/11/2019
。『오피스타』점보zero12 안산휴게텔 오피쓰 。안산오피 안산오피 안산오피 안산건 by chocolatefact0420 。『오피스타』점보zero12 안산휴게텔 오피쓰 。안산오피 안산오피 안산오피 안산건마ゥ안산오피 안산 사랑의집 。『오피스타』점보zero12 안산휴게텔 오피쓰 。안산오피 안산오피 안산오피 안산건마ゥ안산오피 안산 사랑의집 。『오피스타』점보zero12 안산휴게텔 오피쓰 。안산오피 안산오피 안산오피 안산건마ゥ안산오피 안산 사랑의집
K+, Korean, Spiritual, words: 56, 6/11/2019
1 Loss by Lamia of the Dark dentist poem
T, English, Poetry & Humor, words: 27, favs: 1, 6/3/2019
The Dark Angel » by Romanticdude Only thing I ever wrote that I thought was any good 1/5
T, English, Hurt/Comfort & Tragedy, chapters: 5, words: 1k+, updated: 5/23/2019 published: 5/22/2019
Phone fixer of the future by purple devil 87 "Can you fix it?" she asked.
K, English, Humor, words: 85, 5/15/2019
Pirates by roorem10 Pirates are the best of folk, this poem told me of it.
K, English, Humor & Poetry, words: 98, 5/3/2019
Who cares about the universe? by DarkHumorInHumanForm Pizza matters more to me than the possibility of alien life.
K, English, Humor, words: 158, 4/26/2019
Everything I Hate » by jsrrayburn A poem in which I express, all the things that I hate, bother me or bug me.
K, English, Humor & Angst, chapters: 2, words: 387, favs: 1, 4/22/2019
2 Thongs by heyraerae1127 Ever thought about how it feels to wear a thong? I feel like a confident woman.
T, English, Humor, words: 145, favs: 1, 4/17/2019
3 The place called heck by purple devil 87 Your not bad enough for hell so we shall put you in heck
K, English, Spiritual & Supernatural, words: 128, 3/27/2019
Higher Bribery by rmsthornton A humorous poem written about the college admissions bribery scandal
T, English, Poetry & Humor, words: 449, 3/18/2019
Super Fragile by Warner Hedgehog Something point free
K, English, Humor, words: 72, 3/15/2019
1 Feelin' Frosty by silly-simon Just a little something I wrote when the weather dropped below zero degrees
K, English, Poetry & Humor, words: 17, 3/9/2019
2 Receipt Sage by purple devil 87 The receipt sage in the checkout line that works from nine to five.
K, English, Humor, words: 39, favs: 1, 3/6/2019
대청오피【 Opstar04 】 〉오피스타〈13 송도키스방 송도건마 송도오피 송도키스방송도건마 by nicoloeli0013 a title "강남오피" /en/?s %EA%B0%95%EB%82%A8%EC%98%A4%ED%94%BC%E3%80%98Opstar04%E3%80%99.%E3%80%8E%EC%98%A4%ED%94%BC%EC%8A%A4%ED%83%80%E3%80%8F13%20%E3%80%8A%EC%8B%A0%EA%B7%9C%EC%A0%91%EC%86%8D%EC%A3%BC%EC%86%8C%E3%80%8B%EA%B0%84%EC%84%9D%ED%92%80%EC%8B%B8%EB%A1%B1%EA%B0%84%EC%84%9D%EC%98%A4%ED%94%BC%20%EA%B0%84%EC%84%9D%EA%B1%B4%EB%A7%88%20%EA%B0%84%EC%8
K+, Korean, words: 301, 2/19/2019
거제오피〚Opstar04〛 〖오피스타〗13 거제건마 거제휴게텔 거제휴게텔 거제휴게텔 거제오피 by nicoloeli0013 a title "간석오피" /mx/search/?q %EA%B0%84%EC%84%9D%EC%98%A4%ED%94%BC%E3%80%98Opstar04%E3%80%99.%E3%80%8E%EC%98%A4%ED%94%BC%EC%8A%A4%ED%83%80%E3%80%8F13%20%E3%80%8A%EC%8B%A0%EA%B7%9C%EC%A0%91%EC%86%8D%EC%A3%BC%EC%86%8C%E3%80%8B%EA%B0%84%EC%84%9D%ED%92%80%EC%8B%B8%EB%A1%B1%EA%B0%84%EC%84%9D%EC%98%A4%ED%94%BC%20%EA%B0%84%EC%84%9D%EA%B1%B4%EB%A7%88%20%E
K+, Korean, words: 111, 2/16/2019
Dude by Warner Hedgehog A daft poem that might mean something. No idea what.
K, English, Poetry & Humor, words: 74, 1/11/2019
11My Randomizers » by droidcis545 An outlet for me to post random poems I think of that manage to make me laugh. If you laugh too, that would be great! If you do not, no worries, no hate!
T, English, Poetry & Humor, chapters: 6, words: 180, favs: 1, updated: 1/7/2019 published: 3/27/2018
1 A House To Myself by rmsthornton A Christmas poem based on the movie Home Alone
T, English, Humor, words: 547, 1/1/2019
3 Happy hell-idays by purple devil 87 When the holiday rush hits hard
K, English, Humor & Family, words: 124, follows: 1, 12/31/2018
1 I'm Losing Me by sukamysia I know how to tell when I'm lying to me...
K+, English, Romance & Family, words: 215, 12/23/2018
2Mad Alice 2 by Whitney L Sequel to Mad Alice Pooh, another nonsense poem with storybook characters
T, English, Poetry & Parody, words: 89, 12/8/2018
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