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12My Dragon Soul by Dranar Silverscale A little poem I wrote for English class. Just my thoughts and feelings on being myself.
K, English, words: 83, favs: 2, 3/14/2002
2Just Bad by Mistress Jakira It's simply a poem about a bad day I had last year. It was only second period, so I don't know if it really WAS a bad day or not. It's really a mockery-humor, not angst.
K, English, Humor & Angst, words: 147, 3/12/2002
2 Vows by Kesshi Mashin When all else is lost... mature themes.
T, English, Angst, words: 99, 3/12/2002
1The Unreasonableness by Zorm What is the point in the middle of all this stress and toiling...? I don't know.
K, English, words: 157, 3/11/2002
3Brink of the Fall by Mistress Jakira It was just a thought and image about coincidence.
K, English, words: 132, 3/10/2002
6Too Young by Dazma I was really depressed and angry when I wrote this. Kept thinking about how everything I wanted to do I couldn't, and how the world expects us to fix all of it's mistakes! Anyways, please remember to review.
T, English, Angst, words: 417, 3/10/2002
3Death Ray by Mistress Jakira I wanted to write a poem called Death Ray-so I did. Kind of a cliche theme, I'll admit, but aren't they all by now?
K, English, Tragedy, words: 158, 3/8/2002
2The Letter Poem by Mistress Jakira ("Mike and His Bike") Every line starts with the same letter-that's all there is to it. ) Fun to write, actually...
K, English, words: 250, 3/8/2002
10Perhaps I Just Don't Understand by Dazma Wrote this one day after watching the news on TV, and hearing all the things that are going wrong in the world today. Please remember to review, I'd really like the feedback.
K+, English, words: 234, 3/8/2002
3Existance and Belief by Tennion Pantharus Questions and answers to Life's most difficult questions. Writen while ditching 1st period
K+, English, words: 312, 3/8/2002
7Scream by Akuhei no Kisaki A poem written while on was on a fit of hysterics. Life can be such a Bi#%&...
T, English, Angst, words: 309, favs: 1, 3/7/2002
1The Chains by Zorm I can't go out there...
K, English, words: 152, 3/7/2002
5I'm Gonna Fly! by PseudoIdentity A poem about how most people try to live their lives: the best they can. This is for the people who want to live life to the fullest and not listen to what others may say about their actions. My first piece of poetry . . . ever!
K, English, Drama, words: 165, updated: 3/6/2002 published: 2/26/2002
1Things Happen by Tennion Pantharus Things happen every second of every day. No one knows why and often never asks why
K+, English, Angst, words: 218, 3/5/2002
1We by Jadeling Some reflections about how one feels after losing someone
K, English, Tragedy, words: 149, 2/26/2002
5Merry Is the World as A Noble Apparition by AsianScaper Inspired by a Filipino writer and very much fueled by anger, I wrote a little rant about materialism.
K, English, words: 242, 2/26/2002
1Dark Angel by Dark-tenshi Basically written at a really low point in my life
T, English, Angst, words: 66, 2/25/2002
3Are You There? by Kitrice Just a sentimental poem that I wrote. I'm not really sure why I write it, but hey I don't write the poem, it writes itself through me. :D
K, English, words: 67, 2/24/2002
4 Life and Death by Terra Fire What is the true way?
T, English, words: 184, 2/24/2002
4Death by Lady of the Moon This is a poem about the mystery of death and is more a thought poem
K+, English, Mystery, words: 123, favs: 1, 2/22/2002
2 What Dose it Mean? by Terra Fire Just something I felt like wrighting. It's not really poetry though.
K, English, words: 112, 2/22/2002
3White Clouds by ArouraLeona Depressing, but very to my taste. Wrote it in my speech class cuz I got pissed at all the darn morons.
K+, English, Angst, words: 84, 2/18/2002
3The Happy Fetus by crisco A poem that I wrote about abortion. Kind of from the fetus's pov
T, English, Drama, words: 67, 2/16/2002
1Darkness' Blanket by Fordina A poem... r r
K+, English, Angst, words: 154, 2/15/2002
3What They Say About Me by Lady Firemyst This is just a short poem I wrote, about what people say about me, to my face and behind my back. I'm actually rather happy with they way it came out. -
K+, English, words: 275, 2/15/2002
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