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2Cardinal by starsong r&r plz
K, English, words: 29, 4/15/2002
2Seasons by starsong r&r plz
K, English, words: 91, 4/15/2002
4Wolves by Chattox A poem about my favorite animal (well, one of my favorite animals...)
K, English, Poetry, words: 79, favs: 1, 4/14/2002
2Night In November by Ciara Estai A collection on thoughts in poem form about a winter snow storm. REVISED
K, English, Poetry, words: 115, 4/6/2002
10Standing By The Ocean by pixie blood in this poem i had to use the 3 words captivity, erodes, and improvising(6th again) 'As the dark ocean erodes the icy; sand'
K, English, Poetry, words: 32, 3/31/2002
12The Disappearing Scene by pixie blood wrote this in 6th too 'Along the silence there is a light mist ; with its hopes and dreams...'
K, English, Poetry, words: 101, 3/31/2002
20The Rose by pixie blood A poem about the beauty of a rose i wrote in the 6th grade 'Soft as Silk;Red as Blood...'
K, English, Poetry, words: 46, favs: 1, 3/31/2002
4Meadow Stormings by PyroChik7 This is a poem that I wrote for history in seventh grade and then later added three more paragraphs. Hope you like.
K, English, words: 145, favs: 1, 3/28/2002
4A day on the Mountain by Evan Glaser About seeing a fireball on a mountain.
K, English, Adventure & Supernatural, words: 140, 3/18/2002
3 Eagle by kemurikat What beautiful and dangerous creatures they are.
K, English, Spiritual & Drama, words: 49, 3/18/2002
1 Mr Granger's Collie by kemurikat Cruelty to animals is simply unacceptable
K+, English, Horror & Drama, words: 58, 3/18/2002
2Rainy Day by Madison Alexis Chambers pure imagery, written in 7th grade. my best piece of work: taddeo loved it.
K, English, Poetry, words: 90, 3/13/2002
5 Winter by Zilent1 A sonnet on winter weather
K, English, words: 154, 3/5/2002
5Six Roses by Siren of Averne Abstraction based off reality. These roses really did exist. Can you decide what each means? Probably not... but it has a strange structure as well. I was crying when I wrote it.
K, English, Mystery & Romance, words: 309, 3/2/2002
4Like The Winter by Ilith A poem about the effect Humans have on nature.
K, English, Poetry & Supernatural, words: 114, 2/23/2002
8But Do Humans Ever Care by Lady of the Moon This is a poem about what humans have done to world, once a gem of nature.
K, English, words: 652, favs: 1, 2/22/2002
11Wolf Song by ShadowGal A poem I wrote a little over three years ago. I found it and decided to upload it, just because. It's sad; about a wolf losing her mate.
K, English, Angst & Tragedy, words: 96, favs: 3, 2/2/2002
4Winter Wonderland by Vampires Child about winter and ALL of its reprocussions.
K+, English, Mystery, words: 365, 1/31/2002
4Voices In The Wind by xKyuketsuki The poem I get my name from...was published in 's Sounds Of Nature poem book and was later published on a CD of theirs
K, English, Spiritual, words: 76, 1/2/2002
3Color of by Isobel I'm as blind as a tree
K, English, words: 44, 12/27/2001
2 rainbow by Pinkmoon just says what different colors mean. by flying duckpinkmoon's cuz'n
K, English, Spiritual, words: 54, 12/23/2001
8Of Wolves and Men by RiseAgainPhoenix A poem about wolves I thought up one day. This is a must-read for wolf-lovers.
K, English, Poetry, words: 283, favs: 2, 12/18/2001
5The Midnight Owl by Jazira A poem that I wrote in the 4th grade (and have now re-written) about the mysterious and respected owl.
K, English, words: 130, favs: 1, 11/23/2001
4Twilight by La Solange This poem is all about the time of the day when it's not light and it's not dark...
K, English, Poetry, words: 87, 11/20/2001
21Song of the Wild by Bane Syndrome A little poem i wrote.
K, English, words: 51, favs: 2, 11/18/2001
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