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12/29/2002 c16 17Alex'z Death Chic
Alex'z Death Chic: *raises an eyebrow*

blue-angel45: that's my expression!

Alex'z Death Chic: oh yeah, anyway, go Kaena! Upload soon okay? I know that you already finished this story and you're just taking your time uploading... UPLOAD OKAY? Oh yea, Splendid job as usual. -.- Looks like a moogle... Lol... Just woke up actually. Just ate... Yumm, Oh yea, we have a meeting concerning world domination on Dec 31. My place as usual. We need to kill everybody before new year to make the plan easier. See you there!

blue-angel45: Never! You have to drag me there! Uh-oh... me and my big mouth

Alex'z Death Chic: Wahahahaha! *knocks blue-angel45 unconcious and drags her to hell* (on her Diablo of course) Lol
12/29/2002 c16 10Death-Hunterx1
Hello again! Hnn...wow, this is the first time I review a story sooooooo many times! *grins*
12/22/2002 c15 Death-Hunterx1
WWEEE! finally you've updated...:P haven't update mind yet...heh...
12/21/2002 c15 17Alex'z Death Chic
Hi! I've updated "Truth or Dare" already! Yehey! Lol... And you updated too! Yehey! Plus its Xmas break... Yehey! And its sunday... YEhey! Yea, I'm weird... I've gone passed the line between sane and insane... Lol! Wahahaha!
12/13/2002 c14 10Death-Hunterx1
Hey, this is great,!and I'm getting the feeling that it's better than mine...*growls* anyway, keep up the good work and remember to update, or else the death hunter will be coming after ya! *smirks*
12/4/2002 c1 Yujo
The first chapter is pretty cool!
12/1/2002 c13 17Alex'z Death Chic
Its getting more interesting! I like Raven more than Dean! Mou... can you alter their names? hehe. What do you mean that I make you look bad? Okay, so I was a bit bad and ill tempered... sorry ok? Plus, I'll get mad again if you don't upload... Bad mood kasi araw ko ngayon... Life is full of SHIT!
11/27/2002 c11 Scarlet
HI! nice fic! can you review the chapter 5 on my story unloved... please... oh and thanks for reviewing!... YOUR ALEXIS!...
11/22/2002 c11 Alex'z Death Chic
At last you've uploaded! You made my eyes hurt because of your format! but it was worth it... and my usual line: BITIN! I'm dying to read the next chap!
11/22/2002 c11 you can call me.uh.miko-chan
hei...i've read your bio...i can see you're really in to poems and original stories...that's good, yah know...^_^

uh...can i ask a favor? uh...can you make a poem for me? bout a gal fallin' inlove with her best friend...but she knows her best friend is already inlove with someone else and she is fighting the feeling coz she doesn't want their friendship to be ruined...

if you could make one i'd be very happy...if you can't, it's okay...^_^
11/15/2002 c9 Alex'z Death Chic
you read my mind... its bitin! I'm sorry if I only uploaded now. Anyway, Love your story! Love it so much! uuy... why did you blush? LOL I know why! I thought that you hate that asshole na? Ha! I caught you no? *evil laugh* so, you're going to continue soon right?
10/28/2002 c5 Alex'z Death Chic
ya know, I was crying already... crying coz I was laughing and laughing and laughing at your comments... Lmao... Great Story as usual T_T Anyway, nasty? romance? don't worry, I haven't gone soft or anything like that. I don't like any one. So, no worries... My cousin Quennie helped me do that romances thingies... I promise that I will not go soft over a guy ever! Or go soft either way! Wahahaha! if ur refering to Ru, well, that's another matter ;)
10/27/2002 c3 Chic Enchantress
:D U can't figure out who I am... Oh no! Okay, I'll tell you na nga lang... I'm Kathy's homicidal bestfriend... aka Alex'z Death Chic. I noticed that you reviewed Kathy's stories... Scarlet was Kathy's OLD pen name... She has a new profile... this is it - Roz3... check out her stories... ^_^
10/27/2002 c3 3Lunaraine
Ouch! she keeps rememberin' her masters! eek, that's freaky! oooooooh, who's Dominic? hee hee, nuthin! write more! ^_^
10/27/2002 c2 Lunaraine
beautiful! i keep saying that to all... tee hee! on to the next chapter! wooo hooo!
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