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for The Killing Dance

3/23/2014 c24 snccrockz
wow, its been a long while. sad to hear about the plagiarism, that is not fun to deal with. i remember all your stories, loved every one of them as well as their continuations. wish you the best of luck! if you ever publish anything, i know many of us fans would be ecstatic.
3/6/2010 c8 8sealednectar
I remember this story from years back! So sad that you removed it but I'm sure you had your reasons. I remember really liking this. I'm so angry at all those people who plagiarised author's works on this site. If you publish this, please let me know.


Much love,

6/7/2009 c24 ooohmy
This was a great story! Such a waste that you did not continue. But if you ever do, i'll be here reading. haha
2/26/2009 c24 3palmsaresweaty
what a great story you should totaly have finished it!
9/9/2008 c24 1RadiantBeam
This story is so amazing! I absolutely love it; you're a real talented and creative writer. I hope you decide to continue the story :D
8/5/2008 c21 14Scales of Sapphire
Saw some third person POV:

She could hear the harsh, staccato breaths wheezing from the man and recognized it as it was. Fear.

I've enjoyed the story so far, its nice to read some ol' fashion thriller again. Been away to long.

Scales of Sapphire
7/11/2008 c24 2JusticeWriter
This story is amazing. Why did you stop writing? :(
7/6/2008 c24 Regin
I Like, I Lust, I Love!Please Update Soon!
6/28/2008 c24 serendipity90
omg! you SO have to complete this story!
4/16/2008 c24 AMM3485
Oh! I can't wait until you update again. This story is incredible! I love the sexual tension between her and Gavin, but it was wrong for him to have done what he did. And then he gets mad at her, where the hell did he get off? Well, anyway. Love this story!
1/21/2008 c24 2hellokiara
I love this story. Update PLEASE. SOON. =]
9/28/2007 c24 ipanema
wow! are you ever going to finish it?
8/29/2007 c24 Genato
please update. and i thought there were to be more 'keia-gavin' goodness? haha. fic's got a lot of potential. it's good.
7/29/2007 c24 Chameleonduality
Bloody hell, girl. You haven't updated in TWO years? Word of advice; this story is fucking AMAZING. Update!
6/15/2007 c24 13FM Radio
Wow, I like it. Please update!
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