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for Book of the Rose: End of Sane

4/17/2004 c5 Sasha L. Miller
i don't think i've done the lmao yet... so... lmao... sadly though, i have deemed it necessary (sp? prolly) to sleep sometime tonite, so i will continue with this tomorrow...
fav. chapter five?
Sura Naii: *pulls petals off a flower* The planet lives, the planet dies, the planet lives, the planet dies...
though that last one was close... :-D
4/17/2004 c4 Sasha L. Miller
yes, i just noticed that there are 37! of these... my poor neighbors... good thing i ran my roommate out months ago... this greatly amuses me... i must read more... why do you only have two other reviews? it's wrong!
Fav quote?
Hange: ^_^ I got me a hot chick. *holds up panfried rubber chicken*
though it was a close call between that and
Kitsune: *sings and glances around cautiously* Bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna do...
4/17/2004 c3 Sasha L. Miller
still funny, though i have no clue where the characters come from... this perplexes... because it seems quite interesting from the glimpses i get during the jokes... this is def. ma fav for this chapter!
Hange: *pulls out the Shiinen Ra* You shall not esc- *stares... only the hilt of the Shiinen came out* ...
Shirai: *points* The nice lady on the radio said you should have it checked every ten thousand bodies.
great input, eh? i may do this every chapter! hehehehehehehehe... though i'm sure you won't care too much...
4/17/2004 c2 Sasha L. Miller
OH MY GOD! i swear i almost died multiple times... since it is three am, which means quiet hours in the dorms, i can't break into hysterical laughter every two seconds... eep... and i've not even read the original story this is based on...
this one's my favorite... i'm not sure why...
Kitsune: It lives in you...*sings*
Kiden: It lives in me *sings*
Fii: Sure as hell don't live in me. *RUNS as Liras gives chase*
onward! -
5/30/2003 c1 22Hikari5
It's wild... very wild... very..
10/8/2002 c1 EvaHayuama
That was really funny ^.^

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