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for Lailat Al Qadr: Night of Power

6/18/2003 c2 1Black-Dots
Good story. Your creativity really impresses me, as does your immaculate spelling and grammar. I have a little more info though about your title: Lailat Al Qadr, which you correctly translated as the Night of Power, is actually important to Muslims, regardless of Arab heritage. It’s not really a holiday, as in no one gets the day off in Muslim countries. It is believed by Muslims to be the night when God (Allah) decides every person’s fate for the next year. There is a beautiful passage describing it in the Qur’an, calling it the night of peace, when the angels descend upon earth until the coming of dawn. Practising Muslims generally spend the night in prayer. It is semi-celebrated, I remember neighborhood kids setting off one or two firecrackers before being hushed up by the elders, but that’s about as far as it goes.

Sorry if that was completely unwanted, just a little stuff I thought you might be interested in knowing about. Keep up the good work; your other stories are amazing as well. Keep updating.
6/7/2003 c4 wacka dkid
your story is really interesting. you had it sound last chapter as though the prince changed into a lion.. he didnt did he? it was the guard. right? update soon please! its great


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