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for The Storm

8/30/2004 c1 25Nickolaus Pacione
This is a good story, you should up the rating to R because of the gore factor. You got a real style when it comes to writing horror and I was wondering if this story was published. If not I want to publish this on The House of Pain. You should make this story longer into a novella because there is so much there as it is, expand on the characters and play around with them. The story is one that I can truly see becoming published. Send this along to Nancy Jackson.
1/25/2002 c1 Fione
oh...oh that is so creepy...I don't think I'll be able to sleep tonight...I'm questioning some of my friends and whether they would kill me given the chance.
10/29/2000 c1 13Naveed
i liked that! i think u should add more and make it into a story! good work!
10/29/2000 c1 41Willum
Not too rough, short and to the point. Your writting style's fine, and you do good with the descriptions. Feels a little rushed, though, and could use a little more background on the characters.

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