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7/21/2003 c1 2melagorn
Um yeah, that was kind of odd. Good, but odd. Though, tests leave me like that too so I can't really say anything.
4/23/2003 c1 54Werecat99
That was extremely powerful. It took me a while to go through it, for it brought to my head some very intense images.

Needless to say I loved every word.
1/25/2003 c1 117CovinS
Cool. Another undeniably likeable poem...(i spell all that right...?)
1/20/2003 c1 6RELfoxtail
Wow you came up with *that* in the middle of a physics test? All I can ever think aboutn during tests are pink donkeys. o_O It's good, and I mean *really* good.

1/14/2003 c1 4DarkDobey
I have no coments about this story...accept for one thing, I LIKE IT! :)
1/12/2003 c1 36obsidian katana
awesome poem! i like your style. it's true, though, all this stuff will happen when the end of the world comes around, though it's even happening today. but you're right, there is hope. btw, thanks of the review with the constructive criticism. it was the first time i used that rhyme scheme, so... i just wanted to try it. well, anyway, good job! keep writing!
1/8/2003 c1 28yet another running mouth
Now is this about God (the Genesis) or Science (the Big Bang)? You see, I am easily confused. Care to clarify for me? *grins* Another good one. Keep writing; I'm glad there's another weird author out there for me to relate to.
1/4/2003 c1 3Ares-Artemis
This one I have trouble with... I can see how it would come to you in the middle of a physics test. The worst AND best come to me during the class =) I tried reading it backwards, and it almost made sense, until I got farther up... It's good though, 'cause it's giving me a brain stretch
11/30/2002 c1 5RobinX
O.O Hey, i liked it! it's great ^^.

Keep it up!

11/25/2002 c1 2Spike Child Katalina
You did well on that poem. I must say I like it. Better than any other work I did. *dissing herself* Ack. There were a few kinks in my poem, but I don't know exactly how to makes stanza's on FF.net, like you do. It's wretched, I write HTML and it spits it out. :( Thank you for the review, it's much appreciated.

11/23/2002 c1 4Mother Night
"Next time, success will come.

And with it another,

Equal. Strong. Eternity's promise fulfilled."

Oh! I love your poem, this is very very interesting..."Eternity's Promise fulfilled." *shivers* Look! Goose bumps! More more more!
11/20/2002 c1 4Weasy
Well... wierd. but i think i get it. You siad not to over analyse so i won't tell you what I think I get.

It's like you have to read it twice to get it, i kinda like that in a poem.


Oh yeah, and I'm imfamous for doddling all over the back of physics tests, well there's nothing to do in the last 40mins they give you! And I wrote A lot of Mira Quinn, (A sci-fi story that I haven;t started to post yet) and 'Half-Blood' in the lessons where we were supposed to be typing up our c/w... um. never mind.
11/9/2002 c1 23Chaos Silver
Well written, I'd have to say. Your physics test is might've been so inspiring, this poem struck you. Life, oh life.
11/9/2002 c1 31Anhedonia-257.5
Such a feeling of desolate-ness, and then gradually turning to hope. Amazing. Maybe I should take a physics clas... *g*
11/8/2002 c1 rumor
That was really interesting, I love the use of words, very descript w/ out being too much. I love:

Come the denial,

The shadow creeps closer to the fire.

War. Apathy. Avarice. Hate.
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