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for atlantis

8/16/2015 c1 amedartyst
1/8/2014 c1 3fellintothemoon
Wow. Just beautiful. Loved the imagery and the story it creates. I hardly ever like poetry, so just wow. Great job :)
1/22/2013 c1 35stars shine out
Beautiful, absolutely beautiful!
1/22/2013 c1 1bowl of strawberries
the last part was just pure perfection. loved it.
12/7/2012 c1 mimi
Really Good!
8/31/2012 c1 1Eru no Tsubasa
That last stanza is haunting...
12/14/2010 c1 Alexa
The last stanza was genius... very nice imagery
11/1/2010 c1 amber
haunting.. it won't leave my head.
10/29/2010 c1 Bubbly Girl
Wow. something to think about, you know? :)

Peace, Love and Happiness! :)

~Bubbly Girl
6/29/2009 c1 30sophiesix
wow, thats lovely. sombre, full of sad bittersweet memories. Nice!
5/23/2009 c1 10tenna shut up

I love the imagery and the feeling that this piece invokes. I especially liked the last verse, there's just something about it... I quoted it in my tumblr and linked it back here, I hope you don't mind but if you do I'll take it down. : ) Thanks!
3/24/2009 c1 12Interluded
it's a sailors song... i want to say. I want to imagine a cool, foggy grey day with the ringing of a bell on a boat that's coming into harbor when i read this. you've captured something here
11/5/2008 c1 Ellipsis
Every time I read this, I feel like crying.
9/4/2008 c1 58Erlkoenigin
Da du den Faust auf Deutsch zitierst, wage ich es mal und antworte ebenso, das 110l. Review, was mir ziemlich rekordverdächtig erschein, aber die anderen haben Recht, ein schönes, vielschichtiges und melodiches Gedicht!
8/22/2008 c1 1The Red Mouse
Wow. That's beautiful.
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