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9/28/2003 c2 9Magentian
It's odd that Storm's psychological aspect is revealed before her 'mission' is... yet it adds a unique twist to the story. There are a few typos, like some misplaced quotations. One last word- I love the way that, before each scene closes, you use imagery to make the transitions even more poignant. I'll be reading more soon!
9/28/2003 c1 Magentian
Wow! Very nice start. You introduced each idea in here with such perfect organization- not an easily-found thing. I'm impressed. ^_^ Moving on!
7/1/2003 c5 80Plato's Optic Runaway
wow! ::near tears:: this story...wow. i'm speechless. incredible! the idea...is so bloody unique! i commend you on the title. XD ::gasps:: this is beautiful...amazing...can't keep spewing out words...i implore you, update this! ::begs on her knees:: please! this is so great...the details are wonderful, your imagery is impeccable. angel...::vomits:: i know so many people like that...she's the embodiment of the wretched female stereotype. ah, the modern world...::inhales deeply and abruptly starts hacking from the poisonous fumes:: the way storm describes things in that snide way...it's hilarious! i love her. this is undoubtedly among the best things i've read on this site! and trust me, i've read alot...almost 500 signed reviews now...^^ and alot of other unsigned ones...anyway, your work is unmatched. keep it up! and thanks for reviewing and favoriting me...though i don't think i deserve such great praise. but ah well. and get a game console, for Ra's sake! yeah. i'm too tired to write anything else...please update this. ::hopeful watery eyes::
6/20/2003 c5 20Kirika Moonshadow
wow...are you going to write any more of that? it seems to be literally begging for a continuation!
6/19/2003 c1 3Piney
I have written a new story! come and read it..
6/19/2003 c5 Piney
tear drop... o
6/19/2003 c4 Piney
kool! but no respect to teachers? What were you thinking?

Angel is a kool name! (though not angelica ::shudder::)

i have written a new story! come and read it please...
6/19/2003 c3 Piney
6/19/2003 c2 Piney
we! candles! Ashalowae...Harry Potter! Have you seen the fifth Hp book's cover? It has candles on it! I love Ashalowae!
4/19/2003 c5 lostinscotland
wow. ok, keep writing this thing. i'm still completely confused, what is her mission? is his the same? and why do the violet eyes make them inhuman?

anyway, maybe keep a sharper eye out when you proofread.

besides that, i love this story, i'll keep an eye on it, update soon!
4/19/2003 c1 lostinscotland
nice, i like this so far. i totally missed why the violet eyes make her unhuman, tho. some people in my story have violet eyes...they're all humans.

oh, well, guess i'm off to see!

oh, by the way. you write dialogue the right way! sorry for that outburst, but it's so encouraging to see when so many authors simply can't. keep it up!
2/23/2003 c5 89Lyria Shard
Lovely! Gorgeous! Amazin! What did he do "back then"? Me need to know! hurry with the next chapter!

Princess Sal and Lady Kiara

p.s. ur now officially on my fav authors list!
2/23/2003 c4 Lyria Shard
Cool chapter, is angel gonna have violet eyes too?

2/23/2003 c2 Lyria Shard
Great again.

2/23/2003 c1 Lyria Shard
Lovely chapter, very sweet. I really like Nicole.

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