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6/9/2004 c13 Amy
hm well i cant say that i really like the tenshi-kaia thing. i really dont like kaia, shes so annoying always following tenshi and stuff. but i really like it when you write about tomoe when he was nice to tenshi
5/7/2004 c13 5Kyattsuai
I love your fic Five Simple Rules! And of course I search for Corruption of an Angel and start reading!
I'm really waiting for your update, I'm loving it!
Even if the pairing is not Li x Tenshi.. I just couldn't help fall in
love with Li in Five Simples Rules, and I love him just as much in
Corruption of an Angel. My fav stories are yaoi, and for what I get
in this fic you develop much more the relationship between Kaia and Tenshi.
Anyway, I just wanna tell you for update! I'm really anxious for reading
the rest of the story!
~~ KittyBlue
8/11/2003 c10 Olena
M, another great chappie. I was worried sick about Kaia! How could you let her get hurt so bad by one of those creepy things? And Tenshi just needs to get over it and admit he loves her! HAHAHAHA See ya^^
8/8/2003 c9 Olena
Hey! Wonderful chappie! Ukai is so sweet *hugs him* And Tanmi...heh...just like the original^^ Say HI from me^^ Aw, Tenshi and Kaia do look cute together^^ And I hope Tomoe will end up with Ukai^^
8/6/2003 c8 Olena
Ah, your story is saving me today from falling into a deep dark place...cause the damn FP is still down! - -'' I ran out of all the rocks to throw at it, and was suggested to use boulders, but too weak to lift them T_T Anyway, I love your story, all of them, and can't wait for more FSR! ^^ Talk to ya later^^
8/4/2003 c7 Olena
Aww, is Kaia going to lose? Her and Tenshi are so cute together^^ Great chapter, I absolutely loved the fight scene^^
8/3/2003 c6 Olena
This was a wonderful chapter, bravo! Oh, Li and Tenshi kissed! Woo hoo! And I feel sorry for Tomoe; he seems such a good person, and it's too bad he has to suffer from the evil spirit T_T
7/31/2003 c5 Olena
Hey! Wow, NOW I know what's wrong with Tomoe! Aw, poor man, I like him. And Li was being a jerk, but it's cause he doesn't know Tenshi yet. I mean, who can not like an angel? ^_^ And it's a lil cruel of Tenshi playing with Kaia like that. She's obviously in love with him, but I think all he sees in her is just a sister T_T
7/30/2003 c4 Olena
Hey! This story keeps getting better and better^^ I love Riku, he's so cool and sexy! Oh, poor Tenshi, so much angst and pain, I really wish he'd be happy in the end! *wink wink*
7/29/2003 c3 Olena
Ah, Li is hot and sexy, as usual! ^_^ I like Nami, se seems so lonely; and honestly, I think Sakura's a bitch!
7/28/2003 c2 Olena
Hey, nice chapter. The part in the dream where Tenshi was falling into the darkness reminded me PS2 "Kingdom Hearts" It was like WOW, I could almost see it. Haha, see ya!
7/27/2003 c1 Guest
Hey! Sorry it took so long for me to read the first chappie, kept getting interrupted. - -X What can I say...IT'S WONDERFUL! I'll definitely continue reading it, tho Tenshi is quite different from the way he is in Five Simple Rules. He's got a dark side here, and he's more confident and perspicacious, and I think I like it. Too bad he cut his gorgeous hair. He lied when he said that he cut it because it got in the way in a battle, didn't he? I was actually surprised that Ukai stopped clinging to Tomoe in a snap; he seemed to be really obsessed with the man. And I don't think Tomoe is that creepy, he's just posessive and spoiled! Oh, and do you mind if I draw Tenshi with wings and long hair (I have a thing for both!) Haha, talk to ya later!
7/24/2003 c13 Sphinx to lazy to sign in
I stil review! ^^ And you KNOW you love me. ^^ *smacking chibi's off of her* You were right, the chibi's got me.

Great chapter there, and it's coming along MUCH better than X+Y is. *Cries* No one reviews for me anymore either. OH well, we'll do laugh at all the reviewers someday when we're nice and famous and living in a mansion and they are sitting at home in a shack. ^^

Keep it up and don't let them not reviewing get you down...if all else fails...take the chapter down and put it back up. ^^

Do it or I'll sick these chibi's on you
4/18/2003 c1 1Rose Kitsune
Sorry I took so long to start reading, I kept forgetting! Anywho, great story so far. I love your characters (Tomoe's creepy, though) You had a few grammatical errors, and I find it a little annoying that sometimes you have more than one person speaking in one paragraph, but other than that, it is excellent. I'll read the rest later when I have the time
3/1/2003 c12 9Mada DuVaris
Y a a a a a a a y, cause I like Li! ^_^ good chapter! and I love Ten-ten even more now! *_*
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