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for Who Are They Really?

5/27/2001 c1 Desert Butterfly
Really they are insecure people who have cried many, many, many times.
5/26/2001 c1 6Nightowl
I understand... People tease me awful too for crying. They're so annyoing...
1/25/2001 c1 writing-student
Yeah. I think everybody knows ppl like that. that was very good.
12/16/2000 c1 1LyleaAVL
Well this one struck home...I'm not frigen popular...just a semi...an I still know what it's like. You've gained on devoted fan
11/27/2000 c1 Sparklies5
awww this is a great poem but sad i hope these people can realize their insecruities b4 don't let them get to u i know yhat must be hard.good luck crybaby
11/2/2000 c1 Haruka Mouse who's too sick to sign in
It's insightful, but not very good as a poem.
10/31/2000 c1 ImperialGirl
Well, emotionally, been there, done that...I hear you. But drop the twenty or so excess "Who are they really?" lines-it gets very annoying after the first time. I know it's a vent, but reduce-it numbs the reader less than halfway through and takes away from the message.

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