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for Only A Baby

10/14/2004 c1 26Siriusly James
Wauw, this really made an impact on me. It reminded me of one of my friends, who's dating a guy 13 years older than herself. This poem made me cold inside; made me think of him and her...
12/17/2003 c1 Kalamity Kat
Man, as always a poem that leaves one heck of an impact on everyone that reads it. On me, especially.
Amazing work, you have a skillful way with words.
1/31/2003 c1 29Honey Kitten
That was wonderfully amazing. Great poem, awesome job!
12/2/2002 c1 7DiamondTopaz
Uh, is this about a pedophile?

Oh, wait, never mind. Yeah, I hate that whole go-for-a-younger-girl-because-she's-easier thing. My friend is a victim of that, though she doesn't know it yet.

11/9/2002 c1 manga
I think most of the girls you're writing about here would balk at being called a baby. But you do raise an extremely valid point. Somebody should have sent this to Britney Spear's parents. That song of hers "Overprotected" makes me just want to smack some sense into her. If anything, her agents and possibly family should be arrested for child exploitation.

I think your poem really hits the nail on the head.
11/5/2002 c1 Hella
Ohh, this is so . . . Ooh! ^_^ The protective urge is strong in this, and it's just great. Sadly this is actually something that can be related to a lot of instances I've seen, with the whole cradle-snatching business. Well, in a manner of speaking. Nice job, girl! It was sweetly angst-ridden without anything actually having happened physically. Hmph! You should be getting more reviews for this.

10/29/2002 c1 16Girl With Hat
Fwai... VERY nice! =^_^=
10/21/2002 c1 fallonmarie142
I really really love this! It's really good! Do you have any inspiration from where this came from? Cuz it was really sincere sounding! You should write more songs Girl! I love you Megan!
10/21/2002 c1 Beji
oooohh, nice.
10/20/2002 c1 220Namir Swiftpaw
Ooo...this has a very songlike quality to it! I REALLY like it, though...please to be going on my favorites, it is! (yes, I wrote like that on purpose! :P)

Keep writing! This is superb.

~Namir Swiftpaw
10/20/2002 c1 Bucky3
Oh my word.

Like I just said, you write with more IMPACT than 99% of the authors on here.

I had goosebumps about a quarter way into it, and kept them all teh way through. The first time I read the chorus (I can totally picture this as a song!), I got all tingly. See...if people wrote with THIS kind of impact in their stories, then they wouldn't have to rely on character-cheapening sex scenes to make their fics fly. This is wonderful, and can touch so many on a number of different levels. It's absolutely beautiful, Rae. You kick ass, my friend. Yet another that is going to my favorites cache.

And again, for the third time, you have one helluva knack for PHRASING your sentences with IMPACT! Every line knocks me on my feet. *shiver* Great poem. I mean it.

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