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for Oh, it's you

1/1/2005 c1 4Bloodmaid
That was awesome. Those are feelings I have felt and you explained it perfectly. Great job.
4/20/2001 c1 2LordPersia
Quite good, very good.
2/17/2001 c1 1Tigre
Awesome poem, Nina! *grinz* I'm just in a really loopy mood at the moment, so I think this could be a TP fic. Jon and Alanna, even though I know you hate Jon. Good riddance! *points to Jon and Jon dies like the wicked witch of the northwest* Yes, school's fun to write in. I prefer scribbling in math class...^_^; (I think that had something to do with that incredibly punny Numerator=Numair Salmalin thing I made up...)
1/13/2001 c1 1Tualha
Spiffy! Very well written - but do you *ever* pay attention in class?
12/31/2000 c1 7Churinga
Ouch. Yes, that struck, and now I hold you in higher esteem then I ever have - of course, you're already *reeeally* high up there. This is *very* good and it's touching and powerful. There's hardly a person in the world who could read it through with dry eyes and not be at least a little touched, I think.. But anyway, see my shining new FanFiction.net name, Nina? :) *hugs* You rock, and your work rocks, always. Great work! Peace and cranberry juice for a Happy New Year.
10/31/2000 c1 12Jennifer Ever Zero
Nina, that hit a little too close to home. You got me where it counts. I'm speechless...I don't know if I can say anything fair because I'm just reeling.

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