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11/25/2002 c1 4D. Hance
oh. my. god.

i cannot truly explain how extensively well written that was. i cannot express how powerful. . . and so true it was. yes, i agree with everyone, do write more! please!

10/23/2002 c1 38Shattered Snow
That was amazing. Did she commit suicide? Runaway? Oh, I love it! I do! Wonderfully written and so mysterious. Just enough angst to keep tears in your eyes, and just enough broken hopes to make you shed them.
10/22/2002 c1 Socks
Wow. That was wonderful and heartwrenching. I especially liked "And what happens in this little story we call life? We have ups, we have downs. We’re saved, we’re pushed right back off the cliff? What happens? The sequence of events starts all over again."

Don't know why.

Then again I especially loved the whole thing.

Tres awesomeness and whatnot.

I love you.

10/22/2002 c1 sugerplum faerie
sara sara.. it's so lovely. in a really beautiful way wow.. la.

forget him. i know i know but.. he's an asshole though.. i know that's not what you want to hear, but it's the truth and that's all i have for you.

love ALWAYS,

10/22/2002 c1 Meg
Holy shit. I'm seriously nearly crying now. And barely anything makes me cry. That was so nice. And so powerful. I can relate to it a lot I could guess. You're a very good writer, from what I can see. I hope you'll write more like this.

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