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for Star Of Sorcery

12/21/2002 c3 2neale
I really like your idea. I don't know anything about MtG, but this story is really good!

I want to read more!
10/23/2002 c2 2J.L. Vincent
So it's more like Magic the Gathering than I thought! I didn't know they spells and items were contained in cards (I really like that idea). Sounds like you have a great story planned! Update soon!
10/23/2002 c1 7T. Druitt
i reckon it sounds like a sorta adult pokemon'y thing with all the combining items with creatures. But i really like the idea of this and i wanna read more! Going to be waiting.
10/22/2002 c1 2J.L. Vincent
The prologue was good. I like the 'game'(it's like Magic the Gathering meats Pokemon..which is cool since i like both ^_^). I'm intrested...update soon!

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