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5/25/2004 c1 25Nickolaus Pacione
Damn Willum, I just found this one and it is one of those stories that really makes you one of the most recognizable members of fictionpress. You did a hell of a job writing this story and you could quote me on this review; you do have a gift when it comes to writing and you can really prove here that you are more talented than a good number of writers on gothic.net. This is a dark story, and one that will kick the shit out of anything that Peter L. Grant or James L. Grant has out there - you took them by the throat and slammed both their heads together.
5/14/2004 c1 5The Shadower
This was very good, and should certainly be classified as horror. I wonder it the demon might not be a physical manifestation of Danny's tortured psyche? Danny is especially frightening, and far more realistic than a generic "bad seed". Perhaps the most frightening thing about Danny is that we understand why he is how he is. And the last line about how sorry he was- When mosters are easy to distinguish, are black evil and so far from us that they are completely alien and incomprehensible to us, they may be somewhat frightening. But the truly terrifying ones are the ones that aren't that different from us, that are, in effect, versions of ourselves. The true terror lies in the gray area, where the truely black things are.
The Shadower
5/10/2004 c1 27Coin Master
Holy Crap. Something tells me I'll be sleeping with the lights on for a few months. Very chilling, especially the descriptions of the blood and the death.
You Have to put out another masterpiece like this!
3/2/2004 c1 86The Fenix
Wow, what more can you really say?
2/29/2004 c1 26Endless Nightmares
Very well done! You first story, and you still have it. You have a great mind for horror like I said before.
Go for publication lol, we want to see one of our best horror writers to publish books heh.
You can do it, even though you don't want to.
Repercussions was great, and very good.
Whispers In Silence
2/26/2004 c1 8Halloeve
Good story, luv it.
2/17/2004 c1 19Crow08
A well - crafted horror story. I definently think you should try to get it published; there are many small press e - zines that accept reprints.
I look foward to reading more of your work ...
2/15/2004 c1 22MorbidMan
Damn, that was a lot like "Pumpkinhead", but "Pumpkinhead" wasn't good. This was great! You put the characters through hell, which is always a good thing in stories like this.
12/21/2003 c1 pieces
Favorites. List. The detail is beautifully written, but not overpowering - as so many gore stories can add up to be. The way you strung the whole thing together was amazing, and the ending really kind of just got to me. I didn't expect it at all. And the monster? That thing, even in my mind's eye, was crazy. Great job, keep writing.
12/16/2003 c1 dreamshell
This story has incredibly good build-up and I just love the part about the pumpkins and dog. And the eight foot tall demon isn't bad either.
7/30/2003 c1 21red-nail-polish
Wow, that's quite chilling. You are a good writer.
7/5/2003 c1 10Hitler Youth
Wow. I just can't get over how good this was! You're so good at writing, I was actually panicking when he was trying to find his family, and paralized when the demon was attacking him and...wow. That was awesome!
6/30/2003 c1 7J. S. Lansing
^_^ I love reading good literature. That really set the reader in the moment. You conveyed the emotions so well and throughout the whole chapter, there was this sort of dark feel to it. All I can say is, really, well done. ::shakes hand:: Update soon.



By the way, I am going to add this to my favorite stories list. ::shrugs:: I might take it off, but I also might keep it on there. Who knows? ^_^
6/20/2003 c1 No longer using this account
Well, when ever I read one of your stories William my usually reaction is... well, and in a very good way.

This certainly has to be one of your gorier tales and there was the build up with what is going on inside Dave's head with what he is expecting to find or what he was going to do.

Just can't think of anything else to say but to have anything close to your talent and creativity.
6/13/2003 c1 Cara Sterling
Oh my... I really don't know what to say except... Wow... that was an excellent story... just wow...
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