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6/6/2003 c1 24greenzzz
love it...*smiles*

5/30/2003 c1 Robert Cath
Damn! This is THE best horror story I have ever read. Keep up the work!
5/29/2003 c1 1The baava Project

That was fun to read! ^_^ You have a wonderful flair for drawing a reader in right in the beginning - nowhere did I find myself skipping sentences out of boredom. I don't really have anything to offer in this review, but I wanted you to know I really enjoyed this.

ja ne,

5/29/2003 c1 8furry creature
'i shouldn't read that late at night, i shouldn't read that late at night, i shouldn't read that late at night' stares wide eyed in terror.

well i hope mys sister doesn't do that to me.

or to my dog either. thats a great piece of writing.
5/28/2003 c1 1aelysr
Beautiful... Really... Very well written and described. It really made me chill!
5/22/2003 c1 62BloodBrother
That's gonna give me nightmares.
5/21/2003 c1 17zamnath
Written generally very well. Good theme. There are a few points that you could have given out differently though, they came across as extra when they were fairly important. Excellent work.
5/15/2003 c1 19Random Raspberries
Hm. That was... frightening. ^^; Excellent job. I had only one noteworthy problem with it, however -ou switched "Danny" to "Donny" about 3/4 of the way through. I think I like Danny better. My (masochistically) favorite paragraph was the one in which you described his mother hanging upside down. Yeep. Quite frightening, that. I hope you keep writing horrifying things, if that's your thing.

5/10/2003 c1 sylus
il like i dont know what else to say.
1/3/2003 c1 27Krys
You came well recomended and I see that you deserve it. This was so wonderfully cruel. It shows the unimaginable price of freedom. Very dark and well written. No problems other than those already mentioned. Great job!
11/17/2002 c1 6Strider Hunter
I've decided recently to begin reading some of your short stories before tackling the longer works...while waiting for "Nightfall" to continue, of course.

What better way to do this than to go all the way back to this little gem. Horrid and twisted, Willum, you managed to surprise me yet again. I knew the bastard would get what he deserved, but not in that way. For some reason the bloody scenes really stood out in this story, like being slapped by a severed hand. I'd say that this was one of your more gruesome tales, and rightfully so. Worthy of being in horror, that's for certain.

An issue I had was when Danny's name transformed into Donny quite a few times there at the end; sounds like a major problem, but I'm sure it was just an oversight in editing. Anyway, good work.
10/18/2002 c1 2Cloud van Dyk U.M.O.D
Ugh scary. Hey, first the boy's name was Danny and then suddenly changed to Donny, but nevermind. SCARY!
8/11/2002 c1 unclepauly
Good pace, gruesome and well told!
1/19/2002 c1 48Gutter Rat
Well, that's just about the most grotesque thing I've ever read... and I liked it! And if that makes me a sick bastard, then all right. This story is definitely going under my favorites.
9/10/2001 c1 2L.E. Lamkin
Woah. That was just...:::gulp::: That was so awesome, Will. Didn't know ya had it in you. Well, actually, I did. LOL. I hope you didn't think I stole a title from you, seeing as how the first 3 parts of my new series bares the same title as this little tale of terror. Hope ya ain't mad. :P But, dang, this story was very well-crafted. I can't believe you never mentioned it to me! And, also, I can't believe I never noticed it. Did you somehow slip this in under my nose? Whatever the case, I loved it, it was so eerie and creepy. Nice work, man!
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