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for Heart Of The Dragon

12/7/2002 c8 siond
there is more, right? please say yes!*holds breath*

a little short, but good.

12/4/2002 c7 Amber Evans Potter
This was AWESOME! But how could you leave us hanging like that? ;( Anyway, please update! Happy late thanksgiving, kuanza, hanuka, or christmas (or any other holiday that I forgot). ^.^
12/4/2002 c6 Amber Evans Potter
This is so awesome! ^.^' Sorry, I disappeared for a little while there. I love it so far! I'm going to go read the next chapter now. ^.^ Cya!
12/3/2002 c7 2BuffLie
Whoa! Cool. Whats gonna happen? Can't wait for the next one :)
12/2/2002 c7 siond
Cliffhanger! not fair! though vey good, cif angers are evil. yay!, a pegasus they are soo rare in stories. next chapters

12/1/2002 c7 Araceil
o.0 wow cool story i really like it keep it up
11/28/2002 c7 2nightdragon0
Wow, it's looking really great!
11/28/2002 c5 Amber Evans Potter
This is great! I like it!
11/24/2002 c6 Araceil
luv it keep writing no nah it isnt getting over discriptive i think its nice that some people take the time to tell every one where the main charater is properly keep it up gurl i like it
11/23/2002 c1 Kyouryoku Senshi
Great story, P.s. I'm sorry for putting you'r name up forgive me please!
11/23/2002 c6 nightdragon0
over descriptive? No, I think it's just fine.

Heh, she's right too...more riddles.
11/18/2002 c5 Araceil
it was great u should update really soon please
11/16/2002 c5 nightdragon0
I think putting in more description did help out.

Still, I'm waiting to see who's 'helping' her out.
11/15/2002 c5 siond
yay! humm, more riddles the discriptions are getting better. and i think that some people might have found your 'flashes' confusing, but it is still very good and next chapters please.

11/11/2002 c4 12Robin the Jarbog
Very nice. I have always had somewhat of an "obsession" with dragons, so of course I loved it. The story has great promise. I did find it a bit confusing at times (it seems to skip around a lot) and I think you could use more descriptions, but otherwise I think it is great. Keep up the good work!
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