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11/9/2002 c4 Laurelen
Eeeeee! It's getting even better! Just one thing, though. Take a little more time to describe things (feeling, settings, etc.). Other than that, I think it's really awesome!
11/9/2002 c4 2nightdragon0
Very nice! Can't wait to see what happens next!
11/9/2002 c4 Araceil
wow that was deep
11/7/2002 c3 Araceil
nice touch update please
11/3/2002 c3 nightdragon0
Wow, I can't wait to see where this is going.

Its a pretty nice riddle too. I have my thoughts about it, but I'll see.
11/2/2002 c3 siond
humm... very intresting. i have an idea where this might be going but i can't wait for you to either take me there or prove me wrong. please continue. it is very good if a little short.

11/2/2002 c3 Lady DreamMist
this might be my first time reading something else beside anime but damn i liked your story. . please continue the story, i'd love to read the rest.
11/2/2002 c2 Araceil
10/25/2002 c1 nightdragon0
Definitly continue. Looks pretty interstering!
10/25/2002 c1 Araceil
kid i have no idea who u r but CONTINUE CONTINUE CONTINUE CONTINUE CONTINUE please i love it^^
10/25/2002 c1 4KirbsterMK
Yes! I think you should continue! T'was too short! ^_~
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