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for diamond afternoon

11/23/2002 c1 11unexpected source
seems like a solemn protestation. Like a man at his death who wants it, looks fiercly at the pointed gun, who wants it, but solemnly protestes it by biting the barrel.

11/17/2002 c1 53Aviendha19
this one, too, is beautiful. simply so, and almost blandly so. your work is so particular, i know none like it. it draws me into its own world when i read it. you weave such a spell
11/15/2002 c1 252account inactive00000

but the good kind, the kind that makes you want to be hurt, because it makes you real, you know?

ach, i don't want to sound like some dimestore philosopher (hell, that's pretty much what i am tho'). i love your poetry. it's in parts dark and light, all wonderful, very wonderful.

would you like to see my work? i would love it more than anything.
11/11/2002 c1 2aintawoman
agonizingly beautiful.

"drowning in the absence of colour" wonderful!

i often have dreams of drowning in pools of color, and i find the negative image equally as stunning, if not more so stirring.

you similies and simplicity are fantastic.

painfully delightful.

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