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for Heart in Peace

11/4/2002 c1 3Lunaraine
beautiful! sooo...nice! heart in peace is soooooo cool! heart in peace. very calm at the end.
11/4/2002 c1 7X-ATM092
Well, What can I say? Great work, as always, keep it up! I can really understand how you feel/felt, very good stuff! I love it!

By the way, don't EVER say your poems suck, they're the best!
10/30/2002 c1 ThingBling
Awwww... this was such a sweet poem! It's very sad, too... well, I like it.. ^^ And thanks for the reviews for my lyrics.. working on Dark Messenger (Kuja Trance) now... So sweet of you to review all of those chapters at once! Thank you so much! Oh, and tell Gazing Dreams, "Hi!" because she's a cool friend. ^^

-ThingBling.. hope you ever get to read this review..!
10/29/2002 c1 17Alex'z Death Chic
HA! I'm D first one! wahahaha! Okay, Ikaw un no? Uyyy! in love si vali! Go vali! Okay, I'll stop... Waahahahahahaha! Anyway, Brilliant poem as usual. Splendid Job!

HATe you! your works are so0o0 nice! hmph!

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