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11/3/2002 c1 13Sanguina
yo merr yer awesum!it lookss like you rite thisss cuz itss sined by your penname but since yer in the kitchen now i decided to write this review now! its meg, uv course and well yea! that insspired me soooooo much! sry, no ideas here but gimme sum time ill think uv ssumthin!


say hi to mr goodbar fer me! (?)
11/1/2002 c1 Charlotte W. Ross
Mer you're AWESOME!

Hehe I'm your first review ever, right? ooohhh I feel special!

Would you like a Reese's Stick? Give Mr. Goodbar some Hershey Kisses and he can feel your Whoppers and it will be pure Almond Joy! LOL!

I'm j/k Mer I luv ya!

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