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for Finding Agent H Bane Again!

11/5/2002 c1 Agent K yes all I am the real Agent K and I rock the world
Lol, you got that line from the Fairly Oddparents didn't you? I LUV IT! Lol, it's so funny! Australians, ninga cows, blocks of wood? These ningas are crazier than before. OFF TO AUSTRALIA! Lol send me and e-mail when you next update! I CAN'T wait to read what happens next.

This is Agent K, Over and out
11/2/2002 c1 13Sanguina
It's really funny, and you better write another part for it... a puddle biggie size? lol... you should definately write some more. Oh yeah, try to add some drama and some drama or terror or something

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