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for Someone to Love: Rachel's Story

2/9/2006 c8 23Kaede Kitsurani
Aww...that was cute...
3/6/2004 c4 Mebygr8
It can't get any better. I wish u hadn't made Rachel choose Ethan. He sounds dodgy... I'll just repeat wot I sadi for 2nd chapter
3/6/2004 c3 Mebygr8
Still going great.. I think u should wrie a novel and get it published. I love ur writing
3/6/2004 c2 Mebygr8
Good job... By the way, it gets odd after some time when every song matches the person's mood so...
3/6/2004 c1 Mebygr8
Hey, I think ur idea is gr8. It's very rarely that ppl actually write stories about ppl who like different ppl at the same time. And plus ur a great writer. So... write on.
1/30/2003 c8 1Leika Senara
omg ur story is SOOO good, it even made me teary eyed, and i dont do that often at all. i luved it! u should have a sequel er summin!
12/10/2002 c3 lil
i want to tell u that you're french was good . in french we say je t'aime . so trixie don't correct people when u don't even know how to do it.
12/10/2002 c8 lil lil lilia
your story is so greath , u have to do a movie from it.you're a good writter.Keep writting story.
12/10/2002 c8 LettuceGirl
Oh that was so sweet! It was a wonderful story, beginning to end. :o)
12/8/2002 c6 nikki
wow, i love your story. excellent emotional descriptions. update quickly!
12/6/2002 c6 LettuceGIrl
Should have listened to me and chosen Jacob .. tsk tsk
12/6/2002 c6 Kaylee
GREAT STORY! OMGOSH! Update soonly pleeeaaase!
12/1/2002 c5 LettuceGIrl
Uh oh.. spaghetti-o's!
11/24/2002 c4 Hannah4Daniel
i pressed it!(hehe!)write sum more ,quik! im dying*coff*morrrre*coff...coff* plz, !*choke*more!

11/21/2002 c4 LettuceGirl
Awww.. not Jacob? Well I guess that's ohkay. hehe. Love the story!
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