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7/7/2012 c16 Guest
This was areally good story very original and what you dont usually see happening and i absolutely loved the poem it was awesnome but the story ended really quick so the things you wrote at the end should be another chapter and how powerful and leash thing should be made into an epilogue even if you want it could be in poem form. An amazing story though
8/5/2010 c11 7Dustland
ohmy, for some reason I find justin really creepy! XD
8/5/2010 c5 Dustland
I really really love her personality :)
11/15/2007 c16 SapphireEyes16
i luv lois's character, she's not the typical FP herione in every story, but even so i still think tht the story should of been longer! keep up the gud work
2/14/2007 c16 1Tempest116
Kool story. It wasn't what I expected but thats a good thing. That's what makes it great. ^_^
1/8/2007 c16 15Melika Elena
Totally inspiring and real. Great job.
12/2/2006 c16 peacerocker
Very cute story . I especially like the last chapter.
10/12/2006 c16 OoohLookACat

that is so awesome.

gives me a fuzzy happy feeling inside.

its one of those 'confidence booster' type stories

and i'm glad you wrote it.

it's great, i love it, thankyou for the happiness =]

izzie out.
6/4/2006 c1 2akaCHEEKS
5/23/2006 c16 1pink.puff
Great story, I really like what BB Mabayu represents, but I still don't understand the name. lolLois is a very interesting character, and even if the story, no offence, has another one of those not-popular-girl + popular-guy plot the story great and it's really easy to forget that.

4/23/2006 c16 Kagamiko
Miraculous! Who would ever fathom how much one could learn from a simple story? Wisdom is the paint, but writing is the paintbrush that spreads it through the many textured papers and pieces of canvas that make up the world as we know it. A true artist you are! *bows*
2/13/2006 c1 centi again
p.s. ironic that "anonomous" left a critique. Haha no offence they say but were also quite rude ^^; I'm sure the bb mabayu part of you will just embrace the comment and laugh at it ne? (steps on rude people and then pokes them with her mighty spork of righteousness)
2/13/2006 c16 centi too lazy to log in
whelp there you have it! I've spent the last three nights trying to find something that can truly capture my attention and soul while reading. To be honest it felt like my spirit was calling for something to connect with, and this did it. I have to say its hard to find truly good writing and unique stories here on fictionpress with the onslaught of super emo suicide yaoi stories on here. I hate to admit I was one of them, a blur in the crowd, just like everyone else. I find it interesting how in the beginning lois consideres herself that blur in the crowd, when in truth its those that are like everyone else, the popular kids molded from the same personality, are the blurs. Its not often I like every main character in a story. You've given each of them distinct personalities, made them real, come to life. And I think you explained bb mabayu extremely well. A unique concept and WELL worth the read. I commend you and thank you for filling that hunger for good writing I've been feeling as of late. I'll definitely bookmark your fp page and check out more later. CIAO its sleep time.
1/23/2006 c16 6Pandemonium Express
I LOVE YOU! *ahem* Okay; sorry, the outburst, but you have to understand: I'm trying my absolute best not to grovel at your feet right now (ignoring the fact that your feet aren't actually in front of me...). if not to save you a frightful sight, for whatever scrap of dignity I have left. This story is GORGEOUS! Maybe not the best way to describe a story, but it fits somehow. -^_^- This story's amazing, really! ...and now I'm going to go read 'Zoe' because it looks equally splendiferous.
7/19/2005 c16 bachi
well, u certainly didn't disappoint. Your summary boasted that reading BB Mabayu wud make me wanna feel good. And i have to say, u pulled thru on that promise! Your story was adorable, and i love it's upbeat feel! u rock!
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