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6/15/2003 c1 70Megan
Dude... This was fucking beautiful. I mean, wow. Seriously. I love it. So a favorite poem now.
3/13/2003 c1 48Vinsant Firepsyched
This one's kind of weird. I had to read it a few times to understand which way you're going. (In other words I'm not myself today, normally it takes a reading or two.) But It's an intresting way to look at love and I do believe that the way you see it actually is common, and I've witnessed it. But it's good nonetheless
12/7/2002 c1 1vegantrokk
that was a sad and Misunderstanding poem. . . i like it!
11/19/2002 c1 79CrimsonCat
Hm.. I don't know what to make of this. I like the last stanza though. It flows nicely.

Dai stiho


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