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for My Name Is An Insult

5/9/2018 c1 3I Love My Brown Eyes
I really connected with this poem. Thank you for sharing
12/22/2014 c1 waiting4today
Wow. Your poem is so powerful with raw emotions that it just grips my heart and I really feel the pain in your poem.

"I once had a name that wasn't an insult that my mother gave to me." This line made me want to cry. You had a beautiful name that your mother gave you, and I hope in your heart, you keep that beautiful name that your mother chose with all the love she had in her heart and wished that you would grow to be a person as beautiful as your name.

I wished the world wasn't cruel. I wish people could read this so they would know how discrimination in all forms wounds people.

Thank you for having the courage to put this poem out there.
9/2/2014 c1 8Ptolemaeus
The rhythm you have is fantastic. I love this poem. The heartbreaking introspection at the end really got to me. Very well done indeed.
8/12/2014 c1 11KatieKurai
FFFFFFFFFFFF- shit just hit the fan. I wish I could say this poem were better fit for fantasy, but sadly...
Anyway! Nicely done. I like the rhythm, especially toward the end.
8/8/2014 c1 Guest
This poem was excellently written! The words and vocabulary were used flawlessly and the structure was very creative and witty. this poem was very impacting and served as a diligent reminder that we should always be conscious of the names and words that we let come bursting out of
3/5/2010 c1 4SRC-SI
Great poem. Great message.
10/3/2008 c1 3Lei'ella
So touching, and true. It's sad that there are so many more people, who will never even read this poem, that feel this way. I truely, truely hope that one day, the efforts of our generation will stop this kind of hatered.
11/29/2007 c1 4andsoitgoes
The simplicity of some of the lines really hit home; this is wonderful.

I believe you put some things into words that very, very few people have been able to do, ever.
9/3/2007 c1 70continuous brevity
i have never been so moved by poetry before. you are a rare talent.
4/28/2007 c1 174a silenced revolution
That was... Sad. Anguished. Beautiful. Heartfelt. Well written. Great job. I hope you write some more.
12/3/2006 c1 32eldrin
This is beautiful and anguished. The words are pain. Sorrowful, desperate, and draining. I find myself caught up in the striking emotion expressed, and outraged.

You write with the voice of all who have known any simular situation, in a way that is deeply personal, yet generic enough for others to relate, empathize.

This needs to be read. By many.
11/14/2006 c1 2Tackygeek
I love this. Seriously it brought tears to my eyes. Beautiful.
11/7/2006 c1 The-Account
This is amazing. It's so true. I love it.

Simple: I love it.
8/3/2006 c1 13Pyreflei
My most heartfelt condolences. The worst anyone has ever called me was a bitch, and little more. I'm sure that I can never completely understand, but I can empathize, and stand up for what I believe in, and guard those I love with all my might.

~Ciao, Ayaerhis
4/13/2006 c1 1CakeForEveryone
That was so beautiful
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