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1/24/2013 c6 10Nami98
I wish you would continue, but judging from the published date, thats probably highly unlikely ): Tho, I will still hope, because this is a GREAT story and I believe at some point youll find it again. :)
8/17/2011 c6 want to be deleted dont use
! :)
10/7/2009 c6 1Edara
Love it so much!
5/23/2009 c6 Night-Rayne
well this was definately interesting
8/30/2007 c6 1For What Its Worth
This story holds potential as well. Will it be finished?
5/13/2006 c6 14j0zz
update already! i cant wait until the next chapter
11/8/2005 c4 KaronePrincess
Please, please, AND PLEASE CONTINUE this story!

She is really strong-mind and SMART!

I love her a lot!

Please continue to post this story!
10/16/2005 c6 asga
please continue this
10/11/2005 c5 KaronePrincess

I felt so SORRY for Ana. SHe's intellingen, but she's poor. Well...that doesn't affect since she is smart.

I hope she got the job. I laughed when she and he (arrogant rich son) arguing. I LOVE it they fight. It made laughed a lot. I love when they fight. That's going to be funny!

Please update more! Great story! I really mean it!
10/9/2005 c5 1DuchessYappingDog
Argh. Shit. I accidentally didn't.
10/9/2005 c6 DuchessYappingDog
M. I'm going to save you to my email-list if you ever do update this story. Hahahaha.
9/8/2005 c6 KaronePrincess
I really LOVE this story. He and her are always fight, uh? Tha't really funny. I really love it. I love when he and her fighting. I like her character. She's independent and smart. He is funny, too. This is the funny story I ever read so far. Really like it. Please Post more soon! Please!I do read your "Fire and Ice" it's really good and AWESOME. I'm waiting for you to update, but it's been a while. Well, I keep waiting. I'm "Powerful or Super Phoenix" in that reivews. Thanks!
9/1/2005 c6 Powerful Phoenix
This is funny story. I just love it. He and her are seemed figthing all the time. I laughed when reading it. Please update more! Good story and interesting plot. I want to know what happen to her? GREAT JOB! PLEASE POST MORE!
8/11/2005 c6 1Klianie Janiko
When are you going to upload? I can't wait to see what happens! I don't think that you've created enough charms for Tobias but Anya is a rock solid character! Good work!
8/11/2005 c4 Klianie Janiko
I loved their conversation, well, more like an argument! And I love that Anya tricks Toby. But the name Toby is a bit...not posh.
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