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for Moonlight

1/4/2003 c1 3Lunaraine
Eiyaa! found you in ThingBling's account. i can already sense the background your talking about in your poem. it's Zidane, is it not? (being so formal again...) wo0! i'm addin' this to my favorites! oh yeah, i updated my lyrics. heya, do more. okay? okay?

...you listening! you better do more! WAAA!...

o.OGazing dreams
11/11/2002 c1 46aberlemno
You don't really need to know it's a final fantasy character to enjoy the poem. I've got no idea who myself. Zidane? it's really good!
11/10/2002 c1 ThingBling
Ooh, who does this describe? It's so.. purty!

To your sis: HP2! HP2! MWEH HEH! MWEH HEH! HERHURHIRHAR! HEE HEE HEE HOOOO! ::slaps floor snorting like a pig::

-ThingBling (you know who)

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