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for Everything On Sale Is Ugly

2/8/2003 c1 3Felicitous
Ha! I like this! Sadly though it is usually true. Oh well!
12/23/2002 c1 13Ruby Maia Wexler-Granger
hehe, the wonder of sales...
11/27/2002 c1 167E. Hisifithith
Lol! This is great and so true! Only, I don't agree with one part... I would jump at the chance for some silk Spongebob lingerie! I already have powerpuff girls bra and under wear! I'm twelve so you can see why it's wierd... anyways tough, great job!
11/18/2002 c1 SquallLeonheart
So true! My mom would probably do that!
11/11/2002 c1 Usagi-hime
Ain't it funny how people tend to go for the easy stuff in life, not wanting to pay the extra for the better quality? Great poem.


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