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for I'll Paint You A Rainbow

2/2/2003 c1 BlondOne
This Poem really touches me. That's something I'd send to my boyfriend if I had one.
11/19/2002 c1 RobinBagginsBrandybuckTammy
Good poem! :) Uhh do you know me? I think this poem sounds familiar...:D Really good! I like!
11/15/2002 c1 71charon19
::blink...blink:: WOW! that is sooooooooooooo going on the favs its great...i love the title and the plot? yeah thats amazing...write more!
11/15/2002 c1 25CaptivatedTranquility
This is really good.
11/15/2002 c1 Needa S
Thumbs-up! R&R my work sometime and keep writing!

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