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for What I Did For Love

1/24/2013 c18 xhalve091
i definitely love your story... it doesn't suck you know. it was good and I was just curious if it's real? cause I really did cry a lot

love lots and Godbless
2/24/2011 c1 bookworm
I ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOUR STORIES! My friend said you had some more... was there an original site where you posted all of your stories?
1/24/2010 c18 iDa
hey, ... i know it's been like... almost a decade now since u wrote this... but i just want to tell u that i've read this fic before. NO JOKE. and this was my first first FIRST ever korean fanfic that i've read.

And i remember it was during 2005 cause i remember telling this story to a friend of mine whom i was in the same class with in 2005.

back then, i had no idea the korean wave existed..(i mean sure, korea existed and stuff but i don't know anything about kpop or kdrama or whatever).

BUT sad to say, i remember the exact same plotline(even things the characters say) but the names of the characters were different. Instead of Ji Won, it was Jin throughout the way. But Mina still had the same name. i don't even remember which site i read it on. It was on some lovey dovey sight or smth.

setting aside this nonsensical plagiarism problem, i just wanna say wow. this story is amazing... i was only 12 when i read this and didn't know much about love... but yeah... great job val. ^^
12/22/2008 c1 xoxo
OMG, this story was like the first online fic I ever read, and I LOVED it. You are such a talented writer. :]

I read it on soompi. ;]

It made me want to cry. :[
9/18/2008 c18 ChimDee
I am utterly at a loss of words. I actually read this fic of yours way back when I was still in high school. I think I was about 15-ish. Anyway an asian mate of mine was passing it around and she suggested I read it since I'm a lover of all things Korean lol. So anyway the first time I read it, I cried a river. No joke! But I never got to read it again because I lost the copy I had. And now to come across it again by chance, 5 years later (I'm 20 now) just really blows my mind. I love this story, it's one of the few that I could actually really 'get'. And you as a writer is just astounding work :D. Will defenitely read more of your work if you plan to post anything new.
8/14/2008 c2 lynies
9/18/2006 c18 7BITT3RSW33T
M that was nice. Sad but nice. Love it
7/8/2005 c18 Need 'n' Know
Have a good day? (scoffs) Are you crazy? This story is so sad... Even though true love never has an ending, it's just...

Who is your friend?

In what way is it bad?

Why won't you accept how good your story is?

I'll make this into a movie... one day.

And I'll dedicate a few stories to this one... but it won't ever be as good, as funny, as sad, as heartbreaking...

Hope you the best of luck!

Wait, 98? Wow! I love it more now! Dunno why, but I do.

I hate you because of what happened to Mina. (sighs)

(sighs a few more times)

See you.

7/8/2005 c13 Need 'n' Know
I always loved his 360. And that bed - ahaha! (sighs contently) Good memories. Good times. Old times. The disgusting floor - lol.

This is still funny. You know, Mina never died. She's still alive, I believe.

I'll probably visit Korea one day and go to the places Mina did.

OMG, I'm crying. Can you believe it? I'm actually crying right now.

7/8/2005 c7 Need 'n' Know
Why did Sung Hoon called Ji Won "hyung"? It makes no sense. And looking up on the Net barely helps.

So THAT's why Mina was left behind. When I finished it last year, I wasn't sure why she was left behind. Now, it cleared up a lot of things.

(sighs) It's so... sad.

7/8/2005 c4 Need 'n' Know
She called him "Ji Wonee"...

All those bruises. Had them before. Boy, they're not easy to go unnoticed. Mina does a good job of hiding them. Hiding all the pain and suffering she felt.

People are so heartless. It wasn't Mina's fault to have that heart condition. Her stepmom - and her FATHER! No matter what, he should still be able to defend himself. MEN.

7/8/2005 c3 Need 'n' Know
Hi. This will probably be the only story I will submit an unsigned review to, because I can't review twice.

"Oppa"... Heard it in many Korean movies I've been watching. What's it mean? And "aigo" must mean something along the lines of agreeing.

I realized it's just THEM - alone, together. The parents are gone, and this chapter - they're alone, together! (cries) I missed it.

7/3/2005 c18 Juniper
OMG, i crid while reading this... it's so cute and sad... it was actually recommended to me by Need'n'Know. and i've read it in an hour. thanks for writing, it's an awesome story.-Juniper
12/13/2004 c18 Sunweaver
Wow, I love this story... A friend of mine printed it off and that's where I first read it, but I knew I should come and tell you what I thought.The story is beautiful and deep... Very thoughful.It's so sad... I had tears in my eyes at the end.Keep up the good writing.
11/4/2004 c18 Faithflame907
omg! i loved ur story! im korean and i luv love stories like that... it was soo sad at the end... keep hte good work up!
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