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4/24/2004 c6 Need 'n' Know
Ah! What's a "dongsang"? You didn't tell the readers what it is. Ohh, that's one of the nicest thing I've ever heard! Ouch, though. But it was a nice thing to do.
4/24/2004 c5 Need 'n' Know
(sniffs) That was a good romance. But I had a hard time reading. When a different character says something, you should start a new paragraph. Your spelling and grammer is good, but the paragraphs are the only ones I'm having problems with.
4/24/2004 c4 Need 'n' Know
Yeah, he's gonna save her! There's so much that I wanna know!
4/24/2004 c3 Need 'n' Know
That was so good. I'm wondering why you don't have more reviews than just the ones you got. It was really good and sweet. They're already nice to each other! But it seemed, in the first part, that they're not going to end up together.
4/24/2004 c2 Need 'n' Know
Ah! That was so sweet. It was really funny. Hahah. That kind of meeting last forever, you know? At least he wasn't going to rape her. Thank goodness!
4/2/2004 c1 Need 'n' Know
That sent tears to my eyes! Such a sad life to lead... Gosh. But she has a good friend, doesn't she? Mr. Choi is really nice. I wish I'd meet someone like him.
Lolz. ^_^
12/23/2003 c18 Guest
Hey remember me..?
I just wanted to kmow...
What the fuck does Oppa mean anyway..?
12/22/2003 c18 Fanfic Man
wow...great story...Really touching. I do wish that Mina and Ji Won could have been together tho...*sob*
12/22/2003 c1 Guest
hehe...that is one fucked up story...kinda sad tho...
u see..? that story is why i hate Koreans...
stupid wannabe gangsters
9/25/2003 c18 Jennifer
Val! I finally found this story on fictionpress.net and just want to say that after all these years, this story sad and sweet. Don't fret though, a lot of people do know that you're the real author so your name is becoming well-known. :) To the person who asked, Val also wrote "It Was You All Along".

For those that don't know, this story is extremely old and has over 350+ reviews at its original site. The link is http:/w.soompi.com/fanfix/story.php?fid=78

Val's site is http:/w.geocities.com/secretxwishez
8/20/2003 c1 fan
i really love this story. but beware there are ppl stealing your story there's like two ppl stealing your story on fictionpress.com. once again love your story.
8/12/2003 c18 camille
i think your story was great and really romantic.. its sad that Mina dies at the end but i think Ji Won was a wonderful guy in marrying her after she passes on... Brilliant story!
8/1/2003 c18 Dark Vampire Doll
This is a very good romance story...I was almost crying at the end. It's well written, and the idea is a great one. I think that u r a very talented writer, and should continue writting. It's so life-like and realistic...GOOD WORK!:D
7/30/2003 c18 15j-Kalika
That is the most wonderful story I have ever read! *sob* *sniff* but it has such a sad ending, I can't believing I'm actually crying... usually stories don't have this kind of affect on me...

I found this story originated by a CCS story on ff.net... and knowing you were the author, I was desperate to find you, I could find your username, but since the person used the same title as you, I searched for the name and finally found you, even if it did take like a month... :P

I was to tell you how much I love this story but I can't because no words can compair my passion for this story... I hope you write more stories like this, and I think you should get it published, it is truly wonderful... I still can't believe I'm crying... lolz, I'll be sure to remember this story forever and ever, it truly touches my heart.. you know this is the first time I've ever said anything like that? lol, i write on ff.net and quite a successful author, your story deserves so much more reviews than you're getting, I'll be sure to get my reviewer to read your story... :)

well, I'm talking too much aren't I, I just want you to know how much your story touches me and how much I love it... :)

-Mini Sweety
7/19/2003 c18 Serena Yuy
love your fic! i have read this from another site and i loved it! and i was looking for your email to review but didn't find it so im so happy that you have your fic here becuase it is so cool and i want to review it and say that it was the best story i have ever read! i love it lots! and thats for real! heehee! i swear i read your fic like lots of times already (like 3) and i still enjoy it! even though it was a sad story... i neva liked sad stories but this one is special! heehee! well anyways love the fic! oh and if you were the one who wrote the story "It Was You All Along" you should post it up here! cause i wanna review it! that was a good story!

p.s. if you were the one who wrote "It Was You All Along"= love the story! love it lots! that was a great story! POST IT IN FP.NET!

p.p.s. if you weren't the one who wrote it... sorry...
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