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for What I Did For Love

7/12/2003 c1 2lilliefrost
I love this story so much! I cried, and if you know me, you'd know that's rare. I will always remember this...:)

3/6/2003 c1 2FaeriePagan
oh i love your story i cried alot. Keep writing.
12/31/2002 c18 2Pheonix Warrior
Woah... I cried... That was a really good story. I give you mad props on that one.
12/30/2002 c18 6lanee
i ma really sorry, but i found your story on someone's website and put it up here. I'm korean, and i LOVED this story. i put a disclaimer, and i will delete the story, since it is already posted. please accept my apology!

i really needed to post it somewhere, and i never thought that the author would put it up...

stupid me...

im really sorry and i STILL cant believe im actually reviewing the person who wrote this...

its beautiful...
12/11/2002 c1 hey
hey i read the completed version of this story i can't believe i am meeting da wun who wrote this story my cuzzin told me to read this story in one of the sites in angelfire dang ish gewd. one of my favorites
12/11/2002 c14 cv83
Hey i read your story and i just had to say that I really like it, its really good. I think this is one of the most interesting stories I've read here. So what happens next? Please continue :o)
12/9/2002 c1 Lady Elisabeth
Hey! i know you don't know me but i read your fanfiction cause an 'Oppa' gave me the link, he said that it was really sad and good. ^_^ i read the one that was finished. I actually cried on your story T_T it was so sweet! You are a really great writer! Keep going with your great skills!
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