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10/31/2003 c1 5Rannyn Telrunya
A winter poem...how unusual *smirking* I just love your powers of description. It makes me feel like I'm in the winter forest with God. How touching...How beautiful. Keep writing, because I want to keep reading your work...I know, I know...I'm being selfish again...but you are a very skilled writer.
7/19/2003 c1 30The B.A.T
Hey. Pretty good poem. Not too many people stop to give their thanks to God these days. I admire the fact that you did, lol! (even though I'm muslim, that sentiment rings through for anyone who praises their lord) ^_^ It was very beautiful, and there are several symbolic reasons I suspect you set the poem in winter, but I'm not taking it there, lol.

And on a different, somewhat cheesy, I-can't-believe-I'm-asking-this-while-reviewing-you sort of note, I'm a little confused. The review you gave my novel with the '?' to basically sum up what you thought kinda made me curious. Could yeh be more specific? Did the novel confuse you? Disgust you? I'd like to know what you thought in words, lol!
1/14/2003 c1 1Salysha
When I saw the summary, "supernatural listing because God is mentioned," I just couldn't refrain from reviewing. Heh! I like the attitude. :) And on top of that, the poem is about winter which happens to me my favorite time of the year.

The poem is lovely! It was beautifully written, poetic, and it rhymed nicely. I liked especially these lines:

~This beauty I can hardly belive

~it wrenches my soul from it to depart

You really should write more.

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