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1/31/2003 c13 kk
sequel please! it would be cool if you started writting from Normrak's P.O.V.

1/30/2003 c13 Urs-a-ae
SEQUEL!SEQUEL! I hated the Giver. For some reason I just couldn't stand it. I'm not the type of person who likes to imaginate endings. It's either this or that. Just start it from where you left off. it doesn't even really have to be a sequel just kind of another chapter explaining what she does.

1/30/2003 c13 chibi chingo who is too lazy to sign in
oooohhhh. i get it! YES YOU MUST WRITE A SEQUEL.
1/30/2003 c13 LazyDaze06
i personally like sequels where it goes on right after instead of years l8tr. like starting off the sequel wit raina & her search 4 normrak. that would be a suggestion, right?
1/30/2003 c12 6Estelle Stafford
Sequel would be a good ideal. You kind of left us hanging, I want to see him come back.
1/30/2003 c12 18flying blind
oh my god!Please make a sequal. This is a great story. you are very talented. xx
1/29/2003 c12 ski1118
um, yes. definitely go with a sequel! and pick up immediately where you left off because honestly, i'm a bit confused. where exactly did the paper come from? and where exactly did she go and how? did i miss when she got changed into a vampire or something? am i just asking stupid questions and everyone else seems to understand? i don't know! yes, rina is a bitch. just, i dont know, don't include her in the next one. and if you have to leave kander out as well then so be it. i mean, he's cool and all, but he seemed to be the dominant male character in your story when it should have been normrak. but that is just my opinion! hehe. well, i should go. it's 12:30 and i've got school in the morning. glad you updated so fast! :o) can't wait for a sequel to answer my unanswered questions!
1/29/2003 c12 RedRosettes
i don't get it... he doesn't love her. i think. she's a vampire. she dissapeared, right?
1/29/2003 c12 Iris
Ok so, I've been following this story for quite some, I just never got a chance to review since I had so much to do. But, I'm reviewing now to tell you that I loved this story. At first, I wasn't too keen on the idea of Normrak and Raina, but then I cames around. My feelings for Rina are still the same (I still can't stand her!). Now as for the whole ending, it was good, but it kinda left me hanging. And no, Normrak was not too emotional. He had such a hard time telling Raina that he loved her, goodness sake! And for the whole idea of a sequel... you have got to do one! I gotta know if Raina finds Normrak or not! Something tells me that Normrak is still having a bit of trouble accepting his feelings for Raina, so you gotta do the sequel! Ok, enough of my rambling. Great story and a sequel is a must! :)
1/29/2003 c11 NightBlossom
my previous review might have been a little bit harsh, and i apologize. I didn't get a chance to say how much i like your story (my piano teacher had rung the doorbell) so i'll take this change to say that your story is one of the very good ones. i'd very much like to see one somewhat like this in a different story (one thatz not connected to this one) i won't ask you to do something like a sequel because my personal opinion is that the 1st will always be the best, with the most action and drama. but i would like it if you made another story kinda like this one. :) good job, congrats on finishing!
1/29/2003 c12 32Cryptic Insanity
Ahahahah!I LOVED the epilogue!They admited,and they're married,and now she's a vampire!

I have one word for you:SEQUEL!

I must know if she finds him or night,I MUST know.

So,email me telling em when you put up that sequl ;).
1/29/2003 c12 NightBlossom
ahhh the epilogue. Well, i liked it, but i didn't like it A LOT! i'm still not sure of what's gonna happen w/ Raina and Normrak, so i'm a little confused. I wish you could make it a little bit clearer
1/29/2003 c12 NNFM
Wow I just got done reading all 12 chapter today, and this story was awesome...I was disappointed with the ending though...I was hoping that Normrak & Raina could have a romantic ending...but oh well, the story was good anway...I am hoping for a sequel in the near future...Keep up the great work...
1/29/2003 c12 LazyDaze06
the epiloque was fine & a sequel sounds great.
1/29/2003 c12 Abby
yes yes yes yes yes . . . make a sequel he cant just leave her

neways gtg

lotsa lovin Abby
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