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1/29/2003 c12 mona
Loved the story. I just have one question wil ther be a sequel?
1/29/2003 c12 neb
yes i believe you should do a sequel, cause this story rocked
1/28/2003 c12 2krazy-cutie-chic
what? i am so foncused...what the hell just happened?

1/28/2003 c12 Arsenal Always
WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? You had better write a sequel and explain it. EXPLAIN! I am going to have to much spare time without this story to read. WRITE, WRITE, WRITE!

~Blue Eyes~
1/28/2003 c12 3Social Thursdays
SEQUEL! You must write a sequel!
1/28/2003 c12 Urs-a-ae
I didn't really think the ending made much sense but the story was good. detail, detail.
1/28/2003 c11 lucy ann
so you will be posting tonight or on w-day
1/28/2003 c11 ski1118
i am satisfied. i missed normrak. the proposal was interesting to say the least. although i don't understand why over her diary? i mean, if the guy had already read the entire thing and there was nothing left to hide... then why give in, you know? i don't know, maybe that is just me. but i liked it nonetheless. and the whole, why should i marry you and then he kissed her. *dying here!* that, was what i was waiting for. hehe. such fast updates, i'm loving it. lol. so a double wedding then. should be good. but the next chapter is the epilogue! grrr... i want MORE! well, as long as the epilogue is conclusive, than you don't need a sequel. BUT, if you leave things unanswered, or leave a cliffhanger, i expect you back on your computer typing up the first chapter to a sequel, go it? good. lol, a bit demanding aren't i? sorry, school does that to a person. well, i must be going. so glad that you updated, so glad that normrak came back. love him, love him, love him. although i don't understand why he wants to marry her when he kept saying the feeling was mutual. i want him to admit that he loves her. he has to tell her that he loves her! has to! or i will be unsatisfied and will email you until you make a sequel! so there! ha! ok, i'm going to go now. lol. good GOOD chapter! oh wait~ rina and kander. yeah so i hate her but hell, kander deserves to be happy so if she makes him happy than so be it! cute proposal, although she could have taken it a bit better than sobbing all over the guy! lol, oh well, she's a little bitch anyway. i agree with raina on that deal. oh well, bye bye now!
1/28/2003 c11 32Cryptic Insanity
They are both getting married!

Okay,now I really like Normrack =D.

Post the epilogue soon!
1/28/2003 c11 18flying blind
woohoo! a new chapter, ok i loved the way normrak suprised her! *pouts* its a shame theres only one last chapter. im sure i will get over it lol
1/28/2003 c11 NightBlossom
oooo new chapter! LOOOONG! that Rina girl...she annoys me...a lot. She's a stupid wannabe. but i like the way Normrak "proposed". WHile i was reading the chapter i was saying "why is she getting so upset over a book" but then i realized that if someone took mine, then I would be lookin bloodthirsty. l0l. so, thatz ok. Great chapter! Keep em comin!
1/28/2003 c11 Abby
OMG OMG OMG . . . whats going to happen next


i really wanna know!

cant wait for the next chapter :)

thank you thank you for the email

lotsa lovin Abby ^_^
1/28/2003 c11 4DJ Jade
i like it. great job with the story and plot and i liked the twist with the change in "plans" for raina and normrak. creepy and violent, disturbingly so, but good and i can't wait to read the last chapter/epilogue.
1/27/2003 c11 Arsenal Always
GREAT! WRITE! I made a difference in the story Rina is going to be a vampire I feel so proud, no one usually reads my ramblings! Can't write much, busy, (with my own story) but WRITE! Normak is cool...ish!

~Blue Eyes~
1/27/2003 c10 Arsenal Always
It's all explained! What am I going to do with all the extra time when this story is finished? *cough* sequel *cough*. AMAZING! Anyway, I'm too tired to think of criticism and nothing struck me as awful. Where was Normak in that chapter? Frightening thing with a thirst for killing people he may be, but he is still cool. You don't like Rina! Hah, yes. So now you can kill her off without feeling any regret! And then figure out how to make Kander happy. . .somehow! WRITE! (sorry about the age in the reveiw) But, I gave you comentary as I read it so you did find out my all important veiws anyway (important, think of that as a neutral word, not positive). I have a theory as to we non-love-beleivers write love stories. We all dream of the fairy-tale ending, so we create it even though we don't beleive it's true, in reason. But, I think there is a part of us that can't not beleive in what we want, and what we've been told.

~Blue Eyes~

PS Excuse any spelling grammar mistakes, it's late and I just finished a ski race.
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