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1/27/2003 c10 32Cryptic Insanity
You know...I'm starting to like Normrack..and his daddy,I mean Normrack did break her back from the dead!

Oh,when is Normrack going to come back and get her?

And why only a month?

You better update!
1/27/2003 c10 ski1118
where... is... normrak? *screams and frantically pulls at her hair!* you are soooo mean! i'm going through normrak withdrawl! ... but, you said i should like the next chapter. i hope you are right. this chapter was amusing. just the back and forth childish games of kander and raina. it's amusing. but... i... miss... normrak! ok, it's 4 in the morning and i do have school tomorrow. sorry about the short review. update soon! :o)
1/26/2003 c10 RedRosettes
this is simply wonderful! i'm gonna put it on my favs list!
1/26/2003 c10 18flying blind
oh my. what'd the bear do to normrak? lol. I'm going to say it again I love this story! its kinda sad that theres only two more chapters. but anywho update soon!
1/25/2003 c10 tricklingdust
Augh! Only one chapter left? Eep! Well, get to it! I cannot wait to read it. ^^
1/25/2003 c10 Abby
OMG OMG OMG, what will happen in a month tell tell! please

i didnt *sniff sniff* get an email lol ;)

please updat soon :)


lotsa lovin Abby ^_^
1/22/2003 c9 ski1118
oh wow you are updating awfully fast now! lol, no complaints whatsoever though, because you know how much i love this story! well kander finally revealed the long awaited plan! lol, and i did kind of guess it. how about that? well, can't say that i'm sad about the plan, i'm absolutely ecstatic! although i really wanted more normrak in this chapter... grrr... but i'll let it slide so long as you have more of him the next chapter. lol~ wedding expenses? that was hilarious. rina. she just needs to die. too bad that she is the subject though. she has to stay now. oh well, i guess i can get used to her. or not. i don't know. i still hate her. she is still a major bitch who can't fight worth shit. but that is just my observations. raina has kicked her ass everytime they have fought. i thought it was kind of funny when raina started whipping up a batch of chocolate chip cookies, and then normrak just decided to eat the mix. lol, that is the same thing i do. i never get passed mixing the ingredients for cookies and brownies alike. oh well, it is still yummy! :o) well, i have to get going. nice chapter, as usual. can't wait for your next one! more normrak please? PLEASE?
1/22/2003 c9 tricklingdust
Aiee! What a good chapter. ^_^ Now you need to post the next one. Or else I'll.. cry. *sniffles* All that matters is that I read this chapter. Forget anyone else, just post the next one already! *is quite impatient* Mwooahahahahahaha..
1/22/2003 c9 flying blind
ok, i just stayed up all night to read this, its sooo good. i love this story, i think im kinda weird but i like normrak *hides*. please update soon
1/21/2003 c9 32Cryptic Insanity
Yay,I know wehat 'the plan' is,and it's working!

I don't know whether her liking Normrack is good,and cute...or just wrong knowing the circumstances and all.

Hmmm...update soon!
1/20/2003 c9 3Social Thursdays
I'm loving this story! Keep up the good work :) Update soon cuz i can't wait to see what happens next!
1/20/2003 c8 32Cryptic Insanity
This story is so wrong,but I love it!

What is 'The Plan'?

Your going to kill her again are you insane?Where's the happy ending in that?

Ugh,Yes Geomatry,I have that this year too,but I took Algebra II last year =b.

Update soon!
1/20/2003 c9 Arsenal Always
That chapter went by much too quickly. Not to self: read slower. Wonderful, great, excellent, the threat still remains valid regardless of the quality. Thank you for explaining 'The Game'. Now question: If I understand this story, won't Rina become a vampire soon? (That has to happen in Buffy with Spike! I think the show is stupid but Spike is cool, ok now back on topic)I still don't understand Rina and Raina's spontaneous dislike of eachother. Hmmph, just one of those things I will never understand. Now, assuming Raina's veiws on love are completely genuine. (Which they are because, there are some many multifaceted descriptions of 'love' how can they all be considered the same thing? Boy, am I off topic today) Say Norma agreed with Raina's theory, but they agreed to a mutual lust, would that be the same thing as love? If they still felt freindship for eachother? And, how can the head decide when their love is mutual? Wouldn't that depend on HIS definition of love? Anyway, write! PLEASE!

~Blue Eyes~
1/20/2003 c9 krazy cutie chic
heeeeyyooo nice chapter. We DID learn something here. haha good job :) i liked it. I hoe you write more too, *grins* Keep it up *thumbs up* how much do you think is left?

1/19/2003 c8 6Sabeline Malenfant
lol, i just figured out why you needed all those filler chapters. you needed to pass the days! in that case, i retract my former statements. this is really good, though especially morbid.
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