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11/16/2003 c1 John Talc
wow man...this is far fucking out...its got a nice little mysterious vibe to it...i must say i'm beyond glad that you leave out so many details...personally, i think that adding them in would probably screw with the vibe, and the whole feel of the scene you got goin on here...i'm tryin to think of what else to say...but uh...bravo...i'm really diggin on the whole vibe of this piece...so please dont fuck with it...its got more strength and power as it is than it could ever have if every detail was spelled out for us readers...keep us on our toes...make us use our imaginations...bravo
6/30/2003 c1 37wingless
hmm. i like this one a lot. this scene is haunting and full of a lot of raw emotion and vivid visions. very well written. are you going to continue? you don't need to, this could definitely stand on its own, but if you do i would be interested to see what happenes next.

and thanks for your review...
11/29/2002 c1 55Creative Deficit
whoa, this is so creative! I like this a lot a lot. Cool! Even though I don't know the particulars, the general message is just so cool. Wow. You must be really imaginative. Keep thinking. (high-pitched squeaking:) awesome!
11/26/2002 c1 4watergoddess1
*stars to cry* it's just so beautiful! *sob, sob* o, god. devil. goddess. whatever deity might be listening. *smiles through her tears* i love it. the heartbreak, the love, and hard decisions and being together forever. *sigh* *eyes still teary* *breaks down crying again*
11/24/2002 c1 4Crazygurl70
ooooooooooo! I think I'm a little confused, but here's what I have right now: these two angels help these humans...and they weren't supposed to? Am I right?

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