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3/8/2003 c1 2aisuru motsu
your work is like Godiva chocolate. Everytime you want to stop you think "one more couldn't hurt". Then you realize you have eaten the whole box. Here it is almost 2 AM and I have work in a few hours. It is worth every second though. Now about your poem. I wish I could critize it. I know everytime I get "oh it's good" on my art I want to scream. I want to know what I can improve on. This on the other hand can not be critisized. It is raw emotion and thought. So raw that if you read carefully the words cease to exist and you can see the secluded figure. Everyone lives on their own wavelength. Your friend, if your description is accurate, is on a totally different wave entirely. It scares me that anyone could be so utterly alone. Yet I know there are so many. Good job.
11/24/2002 c1 588Setsuna529
Very interesting poem. I like the repetition, it gives the poem a unique flow. I really like the last stanza the most, especially the first two lines of it. Good job.

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