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5/19/2003 c3 5AriadneEthereal
Wow, that was dramatic, and a little... surprising. Looks like there's more to Faye than meets the eye. But where's Jake?
12/25/2002 c2 4b
oi... i can barely imagine this story ever being real, but then again it takes place before i was born.


12/15/2002 c2 erzulie
Wow, this is really good. I never noticed it before, but now that I've read it, I think I kind of like it! Usually, I don't really read these kinds of stories, but I think this is an exception.

How awful! That's really sad... please continue. I'd really like to know what else happens!

11/29/2002 c2 5AriadneEthereal
Thanks for clearing up the time confusion, now my brain is happy. Excellent chapter, keep going, keep going!
11/27/2002 c2 Bitter Berry
Wow, this is great! I haven't come across this story concept in a while. Please continue soon!

-Bitter B.
11/25/2002 c1 9Bienfoy
this is wicked!you've started it off well..there's a nice bit of character interaction...i think i'm gonna like this!
11/25/2002 c1 5AriadneEthereal
I think you should continue with it, it's a really original idea and I know I, for one, will be reading whenever you do update. One thing though, when is this story set? I thought everyone nowadays knew at least a little bit about AIDS. But anyway, continue! *looks at lili brik's review and laughs* not usually in support of gay people! I'm sure they'll be crushed to hear that!
11/24/2002 c1 126lili brik
i am not usually in support of gay people, etc., but i really enjoyed your story and it emotionally moved me in a good way. very well done!

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