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for Freedom

1/13/2001 c1 al'Laine Aranielle id Larq
Nice =D very nice. Keep up the good work!
12/14/2000 c1 7bragg247
This is great! The imagery is good, and you've put the poem together really well! Well done! :-)
11/29/2000 c1 Banto Jonen
I really like this one Krystal! It's very expressive! It also does something most master poem writers do which is to make excellent use of imagery. The second stanza gives me a mental image of a beautiful eagle soaring though a beautiful sky combed with clouds. I like the word 'vaulted' *Grin*. You've mastered a great underlying meaning here too, a perfect allegorical poem. Whenever I read this it gives me shivers because it's so... so... Meaningful! Keep up the good work! I love original writings best!

11/9/2000 c1 morna
beautiful, but sad.
11/9/2000 c1 5Anne Mophy
I like :-) Nice work; makes sense AND not cheesy AND right length AND good vocabulary AND interesting metaphor... as I said, I like :-)
11/9/2000 c1 Sadie
Great poem! Keep up the good work!

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